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First payment went through 2nd & 3rd & 4th did not

First time to buy gigs and willing to spend $350+ worth. The first one $150 went through, but the next 2 sets did not. Bank called I OK’d it. But still won’t go through. I used another card. Still no go.

I CC cleaned. No go. I restarted and did it again this time, another card (3rd card). BTW, all cards have more than enough to cover the gig payments. Still no go. I even tried buying just a $5 gig. Still no go.
I slept on it.

Today I tried again. still no go. I need those gigs ASAP. Please help

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Have you contacted Fiverr’s Customer Support yet? Only they can help you out with this. We (most forum users) are just buyers and sellers.

Also, please note that they can take UPTO 48 HOURS to reply.

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Yes. It’s my 4th case in as little as 14 hour period. They are replying alright. Im just putting this out here to check if there are others who might have the same issue.


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Great! So, there’s already someone helping you out.

I wonder why you wrote this :arrow_down: in your original post then.

Unfortunately, your original post doesn’t reflect that. “I need those gigs ASAP. Please help” doesn’t sound like you’re just putting it out there. It sounds like a desperate call for help.

Anyway, good luck! Hope CS is able to rectify your issue soon.


@blog_assistant I had someone yesterday who was unable to accept my offer for this same reason and kept getting a message to contact customer support, which he sent me a screenshot of. So there might be a bug in the payment stage right now. Like you, this client tried several credit cards but none worked. Today somehow he got it to work.

I don’t know what to suggest at this time except to keep trying. Hopefully at some point you can make a purchase. He was not able to accept my custom offer but today managed to order directly from my gig page.


Thanks for all your concern @hanshuber16 and @misscrystal

After 24 hours of talking to 3 banks, complete with screenshots etc that ALL 3 OF THEM approved my transaction but in TWO SECONDS FLAT Fiverr reverses all of my transactions. My Visa card shows 9 attempts (resulting to 7 pending and 2 declined because I have maxed out that card’s available credit because of so many attempts)

All three banks said WE APPROVED YOU and there is just one common denominator which is Fiverr, which cannot find whats wrong and advised me to pay via Paypal. (I mean I want my Paypal separate from this as much as I can because I use it for other things but it seems to be the only choice.)

Thanks a lot!

P.S. Yes, I was in a hurry to have all these gigs done (articles written) as I am assisting non-techie ladies in creating their blogs and the delivery of these articles is 2 weeks and I couldn’t get them started right away I might lose these clients.