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First post of 2020. Convince buyer in buyer request

Hello Folks.
Happy New Year to All Fiverr Community.

My question is:

How to show previous work done in buyer requests to convince the buyer to open the inbox.



Happy New Year! :partying_face:

You can upload your sample on Dropbox and attach the links to your offers on buyer requests!

And, there’s no special formula that exists to convince buyer to open inbox rather than explain nicely what you can do and how that fits with what they want.


But how to attach files in buyer request as i am not seeing any icon to attach with.

There’s isn’t any. You can not attach files on offers. That’s why I said to copy and paste the links of your sample. Just upload the files on Dropbox, copy the sharable links and paste it on the offer mentioning as the links of samples. Easy! And, you don’t have to upload it every time as well…

Ok got it. Two more questions.

1- I am providing targeted email collection and completed 2 orders. Is there any problem to show email addresses to other buyers without asking the completed order buyer?

2- Pdf format is better than excel or not in drop link files?

Don’t ask your buyer to complete orders. Your account will be in danger if you do so.
And if you’re saying if you should show/send email lists before accepting the order, you can do it using screenshots or images.

Whichever you feel safer for you. As it will be a sample, I think you should upload a locked PDF so no one can access but have a look into it.

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Of course there’s a problem with that. Once you sell them to one buyer, it’s their property, and you’re only allowed to use it as a sample with their permission.

Ever heard of confidentiality, or of acting like a professional?