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First problem customer? Advise please

…edit: my mistake guy was genuine and a very nice guy too.

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It might be that emailing the videos would be against the terms of service, and yes he may want it without the logo (I haven’t seen Fiverr add that but maybe they do).

You could ask him if he wants the script changing a bit (eg. grammar/spelling improving) and re-recording. Or possibly re-record with the improvements that you think are best (eg. if you think he wrote some words but meant something else, eg. does he mean “losses trading”? Though that doesn’t really sound right). Maybe show him a revised/reworded script and ask him if that would be what he’d like.

edit: It’s probably best to get confirmation from him before changing any words in script to improve it.

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I am not sure that he will scam with you! but some time buyers are confused that what their needs? and what is the work progress?
and they can’t explain it briefly, I suggest you ask the question about sound quality etc

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Hi. Maybe you could ask him to order a gig-extra in order for you to re-record since the ‘English’ is not your fault and you had told him there are problems. And keep some screenshots of the conversation for CS to see just in case he decides to cancel instead of paying for a revision