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First question befor contract

just to know if i pay the custom offer,
and is not what i need,
can I get back my money ?
or how is the procces to fix ?
please help

You need to know and understand exactly what the custom offer includes first of all.
Then, if the seller doesn’t deliver that then you can request to cancel (but it is not guaranteed they will accept cancellation) or request changes.
Don’t place an order with someone if you are already feeling it is going to go so badly that you need to cancel.


It depends on the seller, if they agree to give your money back. Be sure to ask each seller that before you place an order since that’s important to you.

Some sellers will say yes and some will say no and some will fight to the end to not give your money back.

Once your order is complete the payment will release from you by default. you can asked your client if client have enough balance to refund client can do it, to contacting resolution. other ways you must need to get the service to satisfy you. it’s a mutual understanding

One thing is most important if you need to cancel the order it will be bad idea to cancel the order both of you. because you know what you want then you decided to confirm the order. If you request to cancel the order it will bad impact on seller account so it’s not a good idea to cancel it or refund it. You can request the seller to provide you another service for your payment consult with the seller Hopefully you understood the issue.