First request on Fiver really disappointed


Hi need help so I’m a newbie too fiver, a few days ago I put out a request for someone too look at my business cards I had hand drawn an idea and wanted someone too make it look amazing as I’m not great with a computer. A lady replied back - I paid my money - in the conversation it said the job would be compeated in 2days. Today is day 2 I messaged too ask how it was going and she sent back a compleatly random image not related to my business at all - i sent back saying I think there must be a mistake not heard a word from her and she had now changed the time too another 3days until the work is done. I think I have made a horrible mistake trusting this girl can I get my money back and start again :pensive: Really disappointed and this has knocked my confidence with fiver. Any help & advice would be great x


Speak to the seller, ask them if they can deliver what you are looking for and if not ask them to cancel the order. You could also mention that you wanted it done in two days.

Can I ask what made you select that particular seller?


To be honest it was my first time the amount of offers that came in after I requested help was over whelming she was a level 2 seller I assume that is good but the feedback is not all great. Thank you for the advice


Honestly, I would suggest going through the search system rather than through requests.
Particularly with any sort of visual tasks, it is a lot easier to get a feel for the kind of work a seller does when you see their portfolios along with checking their reviews.
A level 2 seller just has to have 50 orders and be rated over 90%, most average sellers will get that within their first 2-3 months so that on its own is not enough of a test. Perhaps if they have several hundred orders and high ratings but you should still check out their portfolios. Watch out for people who use images they have clearly not done themselves. For example, I am quite sure that the Audi car logo was not designed by a Fiverr seller but I have lost count of the number of times I have seen sellers with it in their portfolio.
Many graphic design sellers use templates etc which would not be in any way suitable for what you need. Be aware that your budget may dictate the type of seller you can use too! Look around and see what different people charge and get an idea of the going rates and see where your budget is in relation to them.