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First sale + $10 tip!


I had my first sale two days ago. I did my best, and delivered the work. The customer thought it was great. Eventually I got a tip of $10 on a $5 gig order!

From Zero to Hero (Level 2 Seller!)





Congratulations Hipie007, I have been selling on Fiverr for the last 4 years now. If you want to improve your sales, please never ever compromise on following items:

  1. Be available for your customers round the clock. Their smart app can help you a lot. Install it on your cell phone and respond to your customers instantly.

  2. Always give your customers a bit extra.

  3. Optimize your gigs. The title, description and tags should contain focused keywords

  4. Share your gigs with each and every gig of yours with a special request of re-sharing them.

Keep gigging!
Flecia Howard


You got the Great Start!Keep it up!


@hipie007 Congratulations


congrats to you my friend


Way to go! I hope everyone who is complains about no sales pays attention to this post. High quality work matters!




Well done. It’s always good to see new quality sellers on fiverr


:+1: Congratulation on your success.


Congratulations :slight_smile:



Congratulation go ahead and wish you future sucess:slight_smile:


Thanks everybody! The customer also just messaged me saying that she’ll order more gigs from me in the future.


Congratulations. Your first sale is always very exciting. Best wishes for your success on Fiverr!


That’s good, wishing you more orders


Thanks for Sharing… :slight_smile:


Congratulations, good luck in the future.


Congratulations. My second order also got me a $5 tip when the buyer realised that I had put in much work and quality to the order. High quality and good delivery helps to maintain a good buyer/seller relationship. Good luck.


Pls help me how to find works. Iam new user


Send offers on Buyers Request, it works…Goodluck