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First sale 5 stars review! Impressions ad views

Hi everyone!
I’m a music composer and producer specialized in ambient music, my goal is to offer original works for clients working in the spiritual/self development market but also content creators and film makers.
I’m new to Fiverr and i’m still getting to know it better, and i’ve just recently started browsing this forum.
My first sale went really well with a custom order from a gig request and a 5 star review.
Albeit a good number of impressions, views are getting lower and lower so i was wondering what you think about my presence here on Fiverr.
I started an Instagram page aswell.
Thanks to all of you!


congratulations. best of luck.keep trying.

Thank you so much Zakir!


Thank you so much Riyad!



Thank you so much! I wish you the best

@sankalpa_sound congratulations