First Sale and hyper motivated for more Buyers! Finding you the right product & supplier


Hey guys,

I just completed my first sales on Fiverr and got a perfect review as I really tried to complete before the deadline and go the extra mile.

I help people all over the world on import/export trading and buying. I have a consumer electronics company in Hong Kong but I also offer advice here for 5$.

It would help a great deal if you could check it out and look at my gigs.

A million thanks!

Manuel - See more at:


I think you would have gotten more clicks if you had used your gig title:

I will find a great supplier in China for electrical products for $5

And since this is the forum, you can simply write: Find you a great supplier in China

You have an interesting gig. Meet your competition here.

I found him by searching supplier and clicking high rating. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr!


hey and thanks for the comments. Actually thats exactly the title i use, not sure why the link shows it differently.

Yes, I saw him, he got good reviews. Guess the difference is that I am doing this professionally outside of Fiverr for over 10 years.

Anyway, thanks for the input, much appreciated :slight_smile: