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First Sale Five Star Rating


Woohoooo I just started last week - got my first sale and a five star rating :slight_smile: had to share - it feels good lol:)


Its great. Congratulations. Keep it up and do struggle to get reach to levels.

Read TOS, and keep participating in forum posts. You will learn a lot.


Congrats! I know that first five star really gives you quite the confidence boost :slight_smile: Keep up the hard work and push through some of the more difficult times! You’ll do great here


Congrats! :slight_smile:


you got 5 star. this good confidence to crash a success




Congrats buddy… But I’m still waiting for first sale…


congratz. am still struggling to get sale since March. any help?


Well, after a few pauses I decided to give it a harder push and I made level one :slight_smile: That’s cool I am learning a whole lot here and having a ton of fun :slight_smile: Next stop - Level 2 :slight_smile:


Wow that’s great, It feels really good :slight_smile:


I’m sure you will make it soon. Keep pushing and working hard. :slight_smile:


Congrats on reaching level 1! :slight_smile:


still waiting for that awesome moment


Congratulations! Keep pushing! Yeeeehaaa


Made Level 2 :slight_smile: Man that was a ton of work :slight_smile:




First of all congratulation !!! Imagine you are happy on first 5 star rating just imagine in this platform some sellers have more than 30+ Reviews in seo or in other categories how much they happy and blessed . So Fiverr is just blessing for us :slight_smile: Thank you fiverr for having this us


Thanks :slight_smile:


congratulations dear, now you are level two , thats your story


Lots more to go…Good luck