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First sale in fiverr

I am vary happy because of i have first earn but it awes so let i have no order now i all ways send buyer request but i have no response the buyer requites how get more work


don’t worry, trust on God. send daily request to buyer and login daily. I hope you will get next order soon.

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I went through your profile and noticed some mistakes:

  • Improve your gig images
  • Add relevant tags
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Here are a few top tips -

1 - Keep using the buyer requests. The fact that you’re already doing this is great! This will massively increase your chances of sales.

2 - As a non-native speaker, it is crucial that you practice and try to improve your English and your grammar. This will increase your buyers opinions on your credibility as well as general communication.

3 - Make sure your gigs are all set up properly with relevant search tags and detailed + accurate descriptions.

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thanks of all for your best advisement

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