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First sale joy :)

I am a newbie on Fiver and I am still waiting for my first sale. I would really like to know your story about your first sale. How did it make you feel? Did you feel the urge to give up before that?

Share your story with me…

I’m sure you’ll get your first sale in no time! Just keep an eye on your inbox so that you can answer all messages as soon as possible. I heard a low response time helps tons.

And don’t forget to give freebies so people will love your services and will get encouraged to review and return again. First reviews are the most important. Try nothing but a 5 star service!

If no sales happen within a week, you should consider creating more gigs to get more exposure. I’m sure there’s plenty of things you love to do, and could create gigs about it.

I don’t remember much from my first sales. D: But it happened surprisingly fast, and buyers were so nice it encouraged me a lot. But fiverr wasn’t as big back then, so there was less competition.

Don’t worry! I’m sure it will happen soon! If you are worried that you have done something wrong with the info in your gig then you could spend some time looking at other more popular gigs in your field and see whether you can amend the gig to be more attractive to buyers. I have looked at your gigs and it is not a service I need otherwise I could have helped you out with that first sale, but I am sure that somebody else will! I have only been on fiver for around 3 months and it has been great for me. Adsensewizard’ss idea about adding gigs is a good one; is there something else that you could do to get noticed? Best of luck!

Also, try posting info about your gigs on My Fiver Gigs in the forum :slight_smile:

I think my first sale joy was not too big because I already was selling that service other way but for sure it was pretty good feeling when I realized that on fiverr I will have stable income :slight_smile:

But just be patient. I see you have data entry gigs and I really do not know how often people buy that and maybe competition is not easy here for that. You may think of making maybe 2-3 more specific gigs like “retyping” “excel works” “data scrapping” etc etc… Don’t know, I am not good in that but only suggesting :slight_smile: