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First sale was cancelled. Very unpleasant experience


I’m a little more than frustrated right now.
This person was absolutely UNPLEASANT to work with.

I’ve been working my profession outside of Fiverr for years and I’ve decided to try this website.

I’m starting to regret that decision greatly.

They ordered my service, (a promotion service which does NOT happen quickly if you’re doing real promotion and not fake botted promotion). My longest delivery time for promotion is 4 days. That’s how many days I spend promoting the work. That’s how I do business. It’s been 3 days and he decided to cancel the order.

That’s fine, however, he didn’t wait the full 4 days to see the results. I promoted his music to over 3,000 real people, I’ve checked every other day on his content and they were getting a lot more activity.

Now that I had to cancel, I’m out the money he paid me and he’s still getting his promotions. I usually don’t offer refunds for this service but he’s been very unpleasant.

He actually complained about me checking in with him every day, keeping in contact with him and asking him how he’s liking the service. He wanted instant results. Sorry buddy, if you want instant results, take it to a fake promoter who will clutter your content with fake likes and views.

I seriously think I’m done with Fiverr already. All that’s going to do is put a dent in my credibility on here and it’s going to affect future sales. That’s not what I want from a website and I don’t want another impatient person to buy from me. I try to provide great and friendly service to people and they complain about it? lol. Come on,now. Oh, well.


Good Luck on next time. :thumbsup:


Thanks, bud. It’s just discouraging.


Don’t give up. Just because you had one bad experience, it doesn’t mean all of them will be the same.

Obviously, you did everything well, especially offering outstanding customer support by keep updating him & asking for his opinion during the process.

There will always be buyers whose expectations will be unrealistic & they will think they deserve the Moon for $5. The important thing is to put your heart & soul in what you do for buyers who will show incredible excitement while working with you. Buyers like this one don’t even deserve your attention after you’re done with them. He obviously didn’t even pay attention to reading your gig description, just pressured you into doing the job under his conditions, while you are the one running a business here.

It’s like a circle, in order to see the good coming your way, you also have to experience the bad.

I’m sure many orders will come your way, and you’ll forget about this one buyer, who probably does the same with anyone he works with.

Good luck & keep us updated on your journey! :wink:


That’s some solid advice. Thank you very much!


Not only did you do nothing wrong, but you provided one heck of a great customer service & communication!

It’s unfortunate your experience selling on Fiverr has not been pleasant. If you decide to give it another, you may run across a few more bad apples but there will also be plenty of great buyers that will rant about your great service.

Good luck!! :fireworks:


Dear Corey:

My suggestion here is that you need to start small, and build up to gigs that take 4 days to deliver.

I suggest you write (or hire a ghost writer) to create a book that tells how you do what you do.

The first edition can be as short as 10 pages. You can always revise and expand based on customer feedback.

Offer this gig for $5.

With this product that you can deliver in moments, you can build up your ratings 1 sale at a time.

Until you reach Level 2, focus on easy-to-deliver $5 gigs.

You should never take a first job with any Buyer that takes you 4 days to complete. You have to vet them first, to see whether the two of you click.

It’s just like dating, only your Buyer probably isn’t pretty…

Good luck,


Yeah, get the book and make it seem like super hard/boring work and offer that for $5, then offer 4 days or whatever of it for $bettabux, or at least modify it.

Also, you’ll care cheap, crap people like this off.


I find it is interesting that you will quit the platform because of one person.
What will you do if you get a client offline who behaves like this?


Quit the world! :thinking:


Well, if this is his first experience on Fiverr, it is understandable to get frustrated.

But once he’ll have some amazing orders, he’ll probably get the right mindset to keep going.

We all had negative experiences, and we all had moments when we got annoyed thinking we put our best efforts into a job and then, not only we don’t get paid for it, but someone uses the work provided by us.

Probably what he was most concerned about is having his sales affected by his very first order being cancelled.

He’ll get over it. :slight_smile: