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First sale! What' can I do next for Fiverr audience?


Hello everyone!

I am here for several months, and till the last week I thought Fiverr is a platform for freelance journalists :slight_smile: However, I suddenly had an order and 5* review, so now I am more inspired and curious what can I do with my skills.

I have a weird situation being in the middle of “life transition” from office job (HR field) to the full-time traveler / stock illustrator. I have a broad HR experience and Masters in Psychology, as well as some drawing and photography capabilities.

But all my skills now are about how to give up the life you don’t like! I posted this gig, along with “beach writing” gig. Seems both are not very popular!

What do you think, which could be my gigs? Is there any point to post more gigs, or better to promote those I have now? How to promote them, if my social network is out of Fiverr audience?
Any advice will be appreciated :slight_smile:


You look a little confuse you need to decide one kind of sevice and invest time and effort to achieve high


Yes, I am confused :slight_smile: Do you mean to choose one direction (like travel or psychology) and work in it? Sounds reasonable! However, I’d keep some diversity in gigs just for case something will be more preferred by buyers…

And what do you mean by investing efforts? At the moment I don’t see how to make my gigs more popular…


Hi Travelrabbit,
If you are trying to teach others, then Fiverr (although I love it for lots of things) might be the wrong platform to do it.
It is also underpaid for some people from countries such as UK and Australia (where I am). If you want to build a platform then there are many and varied ways which work over time, e.g.

  • capture ideal readers emails from a landing page and then creating an online course, (takes a while this one)
  • writing a guide and selling it from your website / social media relationships / advertising
  • just blogging / image posting about your travels and discussing what you find - can lead to sponsorships. e.g. a lady gathered a facebook group with tips called ‘Aldi mum’, invested just a little, and was paid $4,000 by Aldi for sponsorship.

I help authors to get a better return from their efforts and publish their books.



Thank you for sharing your ideas! Definitely to teach is not my goal, especially on Fiverr - I just seek for a way to make interesting gigs for this exact audience :slight_smile: There are many strange things, for ex., lots of fortune-telling gigs with tons of positive reviews. I never seen that on any other site! So I try to understand buyers here.

What did you mean by underpaying to some people / some countries?


Dear Travel Rabbit:

Here are some links that you might find helpful.

Good luck,


hmm… to my knowledge, its better if you work in one particular section. this put a negative image on the buyer because you cannot be jack of all trades.


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