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First Sale, Worst Experience

I have a very unique gig where I give an over-the-top review of 10,000 words of a story as a “demon” more or less and I’m very clear that I’ll be very hard on the writing and generally mean (glutton for punishment kind of thing).

So I had my first sale today and I read 10k words, sent a picture of what the document looks like on an ereader, then wrote a thousand word response, in an cruel way without taking shots at the writer, just the story, and gave information on what I liked as well and what could be changed to appeal to different audiences. All in all I WAY over delivered.

So then this person must have forgotten what he/she ordered and got seriously mad at me for critiquing his/her story in a cruel way, complaining for nearly 3000 words and demanding a rework of a story review or a refund or he/she’d write me a terrible review of my gig. By this point I’m looking for the report a buyer button for spamming me on an over delivery on exactly what he/she asked for, but there isn’t one.

I took out what he/she complained about and put it in a pretty script font. I’m so mad at how horrible my first sale went, but I know not all buyers can be that horrible, right?

I always give what I think was good about it after the critique. It’s all just tough love and if you read the report that I give you I try to help as much as I can. That’s the gig. I tell them what I think they did wrong and why, in a way that doesn’t hold their hands, then tell them what they did right if they make it through the hard to read parts.

And as far as no refunds, as long as it’s not actually against Fiverr’s rules, I can make whatever policies I want for my business, otherwise, with people like this, I’ll work for a dollar an hour or less per gig if they keep sending it back or asking for refunds on my opinions. I did a five second shirt and there are a ton of gigs with no refunds, including people of all levels and at least one Top Seller, so it’s obviously not wrong of me to do.

A critique based solely on everything that is wrong with the writing is as helpful as a wet fart. Your gig description states that you will pull no punches; fine. You’ll tell what is wrong with the story; fine. You’ll give your opinion as to whether the material is saleable or not; fine. But you offer absolutely nothing of any value or helpfulness to the writer. What you are selling is criticism, not a critique, and the point of difference was likely lost on your customer. Certainly for any ESL customers the distinction will be invisible. And if the buyer was expecting something that would actually be of use, he was probably greatly disappointed. Yes, you said you would be brutally honest, but if all you did was tear his work to shreds, what good is it to him? It’s not.

I suspect you won’t be very successful with your gig as it stands, but that’s my opinion, not a critique.

You also state “No refunds ever” on your gig, however that is not Fiverr’s policy. You can’t impose your own rules on how Fiverr will treat buyers, especially when dealing with customer satisfaction. Or dis.

From the TOS:

:black_medium_small_square:If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the payment funds will be returned to the buyer.

:black_medium_small_square:Both buyers and sellers have the option to cancel an order by mutual agreement.