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First Sale! :)

Just got my first sale after 21 days of being on Fiverr. I’ve got to get some more gigs put up but I’m pretty stoked about this :slight_smile:


good news! Wish you many sales :slight_smile:

Just ask your buyer to leave a review and rate you because it isn’t visible to potential new buyers that you have had this one first sale.

welcome fiverr @};- working hard deliver quality work and you can earn $

i see some error your profile please check your deliver order. buyer add

positive feedback please contact customer support team you can fix your rating

Wonderful news, welcome to the FIRST SALE CLUB!

Here’s a video for you as a gift :slight_smile:

Congratulations! There’s nothing like getting that first sale :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful! Congrats on your success!

Sheriff’s Note: Love your enthusiasm. Please stop spamming the Forum with “Congrats” posts.