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First (sorta negative?) review


Well, it finally happened. Guess it was inevitable. I was expecting to freak out at least a little at the destruction of my perfect 5.0, but I’m actually feeling just okay.

Apparently a buyer thought he had requested a revision, but it never actually happened. I didn’t get a request, a message, nada.

Talking to him after the fact, he actually thought the story itself was well-written, but took issue with the fact that I’d neglected to add a moral to the end of it, something that I could’ve pretty easily done if told so.

I guess it happens eventually. How has everyone else managed with negative(-ish) reviews?


3.5* still counts as a positive review, so that’s something.

I remember my first three-star review. The buyer gave me a million weird instructions. I guess I must have messed up a couple.

I was really angry at the time because he didn’t communicate with me, even after I messaged him.

Now I like to remind myself not to get attached to my rating. I’m not really in control of it. I try to provide awesome work and let the rest take care of itself.


That’s exactly the right attitude to take. I was a little nervous because this review is under my best-selling gig, but I suppose it’s all right.

This buyer also wasn’t 100% on the communication front, so there’s that. I’m a little frustrated because I probably could’ve been able to fix whatever problem he had with a revision, but I’m okay with it.

That’s a good way to look at it. Just keep chugging, I suppose :slight_smile:


It’s all you can do, isn’t it? :slight_smile: That’s my Zen attitude coming out.

I remember another crazy 3-star review I was given: I’d lowered my word count slightly because I was busy. A buyer took two stars away from me because he couldn’t get the same deal as before.

I try to combat such unfair reviews by keeping the live portfolio on. That way, buyers can see for themselves whether reviews are fair or not.

Hopefully your iffy review won’t affect you negatively. Your gigs do look really professional.


I think that is unreasonable. When it comes to articles, sometimes you get more than paid other times you get less. You can’t just stop abruptly at exactly 500 words.

I’ve paid for 500 and gotten up to 700 words before - it wasn’t possible to make it shorter and prior to writing it, the seller had guessed.

I was going to say, perhaps he’s willing to change his review considering how there was a communication issue but someone may take it the wrong way. There is a fine line between review manipulation and legitimate review change. You never know how a person would react.


Yeah, I actually did message him letting him know that I’d be willing to change anything he wanted changed if he had actually told me at the time. He responded that he thought he had requested a change, and that he just wanted more moral.

I decided to drop it, since he didn’t seem so receptive to the idea of changing the review. As you said, it’s not wise to fall into the review manipulation trap.


I’ve had all 5 stars. Except for 2 that were 4.7

I contacted one of the buyers as I was curious where i fell short. He said it was a mistake as it was done on his mobile. he corrected it to a 5 straight away. I should have asked the same question to the other buyer but i left it too late and it didn’t effect my overall ratings.


That’s good to know! I think that reviews that appear super positive accompanied with a slightly underwhelming rating won’t affect you too much, since even if they aren’t changed new customers will generally assume that the buyer made a mistake.

This is my first review that wasn’t 5 stars, and the buyer’s comment also indicated that he wasn’t satisfied, so I was a bit worried about that. It hasn’t affected my ratings, but it will definitely motivate me to get more orders so I can not have a negative-ish comment as the top one on my profile.


My philosophy has always been to make sure the client walks away with a job they are happy with. And because my gigs on fiverr are what i love doing anyway really helps.

I agree the rating system does keep you on your toes though :slight_smile:


Hopefully your iffy review won’t affect you negatively. Your gigs do look really professional.

Thank you so much for the compliment! I try my best :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. I always get a little antsy with new customers, since oftentimes I’m not sure what exactly they want. More than often they don’t specify very clearly. But I do enjoy writing stories, so the best I can hope is that people agree with my definition of good.

I suppose that’s always the idea though, no matter the gig :smile:


All good things…

Ahhh…you haven’t truly broken in until you’ve gotten your first 1-star review. :star:
One lonely, isolated little star…all alone and scared wondering why his star-brothers and star-sisters haven’t join him.
I remember it well. Good times. Good times, indeed.


I’m sure that that day will come, sooner or later. Not looking forward to having a lonely little star, but eh, what can you do :sweat_smile:


How… nevermind.

All companies deal with stuff like this. You can send a review change request and fulfill the revision.


I’ve talked to the buyer, and he doesn’t seem inclined to change his review. I could ask again, but risking annoying him is probably not worth it :confused:


Ohhhhh stop it, you’re making me crrryyyyyy. :cry:


relay sad to here that. i know you can get you 5 stars back.


Thanks for the camaraderie! Hopefully it won’t affect me in the long run :slight_smile:


It really mattered to me initially but NOW i don’t care now… I have got a few less than 5 as well… But after 100+ reviews it matters less…


I suppose it does :sweat_smile: I still have some ways to go before I hit 100. But I guess I’m only part-timing it, so it doesn’t matter so much.