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First thought when you see my Alias?


I am 50/50 on using this as my alias and i wanted to hear what you guys think when you read it? I wont say anymore as to not contaminate your own epic thought patterns, ill mention the reasons i like/dislike it later.

P.S. Do you guys want to make this thread into some kind of game/discussion about usernames?


I think it sounds slightly like something from a Dr. Who Episode.


I thought it was “sir buys alot”…

but I was disappointed when I realized its bytes…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yeah, i dislike how the lack of spaces makes it jumbled. too complicated, I appreciate your feedback!

Reply to @anarchofighter: I will have to watch a episode, never heard of it before. Then again i don’t watch much TV sadly.

Reply to @madmoo: very helpful. seems too complicated and not user friendly like you said.

Reply to @sarit11: LOL! Definitely not the message i had in mind.

Thanks everyone, i appreciate the feedback and love how different people process, good stuff.

EDIT Almost forgot… I liked the idea of using “bytes” as a verb, it seemed unique. however, i think its easily confused with “bites” and quickly reminds me of a 1-2 year old spoiled child. lol


Reply to @madmoo: i’m sure ill come up with something. :wink:

My thoughts were that its easily confused with “bite”. Also was weighing the idea of a username that was simple, fun, had a persona vs a username that was more based on a vision. i think both are unique and just needed to make a decision and move forward. Thanks for the help with that decision btw.


Reply to @madmoo: I am only using this one. I made a 3rd that i wanted to preserve.

It’s not against the TOS to have more than one account. However, i did find this in the TOS…

" … A withdrawal provider account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile."