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First time Bad Experience from a Buyer!

I am not sure whether this is the right place to post this thread (But I can not resist my self). I was having a great experience here. I became a level 1 seller in the very first month and everything was going well.

But now i am so much irritated because of an unprofessional buyer (I won’t even call him a buyer- scammer is the right name for him/her). I am not explaining further. The screenshot will explain everything. Because of this buyer my rating dropped from 100 to 99. Is there anything I can do to remove this?

There must be an option to accept and reject orders without affecting the rating.

Well, this is my first post here and unfortunately is to share a negative experience.

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

Reply to @madmoo: May i ask one more question? If this repeats in future, what can i do other than forced cancellation? (If the buyer denies mutual cancellation)

Thanks in advance

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for the tip. I removed the screenshot and contacted customer support. I thought the only option left to me was to go for a forced cancellation. I hope they will be able to remove the negative feedback.

Yes i could have delivered something “accidentally” too. But the result still might be same. The buyer ordered my gig with an only intention to leave a negative feedback.

I hope this screenshot is fine!



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Yes, Even though I can not see a written negative review - It dropped from 100% to 99%

Reply to @madmoo: Hi, madmoo! I appreciate your input on situation like these and your willingness to coach newer sellers through them. Do you mind if I ask you what a forced cancellation is? As a seller, I don’t see the option anywhere to push a cancellation through without the buyer’s consent.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you Madmoo, will keep that in mind

Hi, I myself a seller in Fiverr and when browsing on mobile I accidentally click on the order button, and was mutually cancelled the order by the good seller. Feel bad as we both the sellers. But will definitely go to him when I need his service next time :slight_smile:

And also have an order accidentally clicked by a buyer on my gig too, and was mutually cancelled. No big deal, but Fiverr should look into the ordering system as there is no confirmation notice to buyer.

As for “forced cancellation” I do not know there is such an options for the sellers?

Am I missing something here?

Reply to @vince007: Hi Vince. Yes I agree with you. It is understandable when people accidentally clicks on order. But in my case the buyer said it was accidental and still he denied my Mutual cancellation request. So I thought the option left to me was cancellation from my side.

vince007 said: As for "forced cancellation" I do not know there is such an options for the sellers?

Am I missing something here?

No you are not. You will see that option only if your mutual cancellation request was denied. (I guess so)

I also did not realize that “forced cancellation” was the last resort and thought that was the only way. I am now left with one negative rating without any comments which is added there by the system. I am just wondering if CS can undo the forced cancellation since there is not a way to contact the buyer again to see if you can now re-work the order. Learned one hard lesson, :frowning:

Reply to @babysoftpink: Using customer support is a good option. If your request is is legit, they will definitely consider this. My problem is solved now, CS fixed it