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First time buyer, advice please

Hi all. Made a purchase (spoke to seller first to clarify he could do what I needed). Paid extra to get it done quicker. Part of package was some documentation which I understood was to be written for me. Some wasn’t delivered. What was delivered I noticed was actually copied and pasted from a template site (not what was in the spec, he did try to charge me extra for writing them from scratch)
Totally unhappy with the situation and have contacted resolution centre (for advice) as general opinion seems to be that support is good. Got a quick response from them - Ticket Closed!! nothing else.
What happens when (as I understand it) this order is automatically accepted. Do I have no comeback at all? Seller has offered a refund, then backtracked as his account will ‘go all red’. He has also offered to redo the work but I just have no faith now.
Is there anything I can do at all, does anyone know? Or am I stuck with it?


What was Customer Support’s advice?

No, you have a comeback, you can request for a revision until you get what you agreed the seller would do (considering seller did say he could do what you needed).

Knowing he tried to charge you extra for writing them from scratch (assuming you both agreed that with the original price this was supposedly the service already included), I could understand why you would be unhappy.

Requesting for a revision or modification leaves the order open and the order is not automatically accepted (unless the order has already been marked as complete?)

Anyhow, should the order have been marked as completed, you can choose to rate the order for whatever rating you believe the seller deserves to get (this means the seller gets to keep the money from the order) and just move on from the experience or you can request for a cancellation if you see the service rendered was not what you guys agreed on (money goes back to your Fiverr Shopping balance and you can use the money to purchase from another seller).

Cancellations/refunds affect the sellers statistics so I assume that’s why he doesn’t wish to go that way and offered a redo…

It’s ultimately your choice. I hope you get things sorted soon though! :smile:

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Thanks for the response :slight_smile:
There was no advice - i got an email saying ‘Ticket Closed’ that was it (unless I’m missing something but I could find no way of even seeing the ticket on here)

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No problem, hope you found some of the input I’ve shared at least a bit helpful. Hehe!

Also, you can check any tickets you’ve had with support (along with the message you sent and any responses from their end) with this link:

yeah thanks I had already seen that link - there’s nothing there! :frowning:

Oh, maybe your ticket didn’t go through, ideally it’s supposed to be there – but then you got an email saying ticket closed. Oh well that’s a bit confusing but anyhow, sincerely hope you get things sorted and sorry for the not so pleasant first time buyer experience! He he :slight_smile:

ok so he has now said he will refund, and has told me to request one - how do I do that? I will search to find out, but maybe someone could point me in the right direction? tia

He actually can do it from his end but perhaps he wants you to initiate it – you can go to the order page and you’ll see on the right side, something in a blue box saying “Having issues with your order? Visit the Resolution Center”… Click on that and you’ll see several options, choose “ask seller to cancel this order” (or something of that context), fill out anything needed, etc, etc. – then seller will just have to accept it from his end then voila! you have your refund. :slight_smile:

he told me a different way but think I’ll use yours - but it looks like the refund will go back to fiverr and not my payment method? so i can;t actually get my money back?

It can go back to your payment method but it’s something you have to Contact Support for. Once the refund has been complete / order already cancelled, contact Customer Support that you wish the funds go back to your payment method. :slight_smile:

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I just searched and it seems it goes to shopping balance but I can transfer it. hope he decides to accept it like he said he would
you’ve been a brilliant help and thank you
won’t be using fiverr again tho :frowning:

We’d hate to see you leave! :frowning: :frowning:
But you’re welcome and I am glad to be of help. :slight_smile:

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Don’t let a bad first experience with a less than desirable seller run you off from Fiverr! Some of us are more than happy to make sure our clients are happy with what we give them in return for their money, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it doesn’t have a seal of approval from the customer, as well as myself, then the job wasn’t complete - and that’s not just on Fiverr!

Some times this kind of thing happens. The best thing you can do is handle it accordingly, as you currently are, but also learn from any goofs you may have made when picking a seller - things you may have missed that in retrospect are big red flags… such as, a reluctance to show past work, unwilling to give a plan/guideline on how work would be done if hired, or a lack of attention to details that are important to you when discussing the gig. You should be able to spot a bad seller fairly quickly once you know what to look for! :wink:

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I would open another customer service ticket. The same agent does not see every ticket.

This is unacceptable behavior from seller!

The customer service agent I will be more gentle with and assume they did it by accident.

There are many reputable sellers on this platform, its unfortunate that there are also scammers among us.

If they are plagiarizing work and not fulfilling their end of the bargain then they deserve to experience consequences for that.

you can go into a closed ticket and issue a followup, as well. but maybe better to make a new one, and report how the first was closed with no response.