First time buyer - paid too soon and invoice outstanding


My first time using fiverr and I was just following the seller’s lead. When the job was done, they basically said what the cost was and perhaps due to a language difference, it sounded like I had to request the gig from them at that point so not wanting to be a late payer, I went straight in and did what I thought I’d been asked. However, I have paid for something which hasn’t been done and what was done doesn’t look like it has been paid for and there is an outstanding invoice.

What can I do to straighten this out?


There is no such thing as an outstanding invoice on 5r.

You pay, 5r holds the money, you fill out requirement, seller delivers, you accept, then seller gets money 2 weeks later.


I can kind of see that now but the page which details the transaction which to me looks like an invoice doesn’t seem to have any acknowledgement that I have paid.

Like I said, it’s my first time and I am just wary of getting it wrong unintentionally but it seems that everything is okay.