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First time buying - FAIL!

What happened?
I decided to buy the basic service (€4.39) from a seller.

Got to the payment stage, which accepted all my credit card info and charged my card €6.27 (huh?), and immediately went to an error page saying I need to contact support or something.

Can’t find any record of my purchase on my fiverr account. The only trace I have is the transaction on my credit card statement.

I can’t seem to get any further.
The help/FAQ section mentions nothing of this kind of problem. I don’t have the page showing the error message now, so I can’t remember exactly what it said, and there was no link to the support page.
All I have been able to find is the forums.

Not a good experience, considering I have never used the service before and now I am completely lost.

Help, somebody?

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Have you contacted Customer Services?

They’re the only ones who can help you I’m afraid.

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The link to Customer Support is in the footer of all pages, or just googling ‘fiverr support’ should get you to the page to send a ticket, too.


Just got to the support contact form. They ask for an order number, which is a required field.
I just put in “no idea” !

First order and it broke! - pretty crappy experience…

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Stuff happens everywhere - don’t be put off by it.

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Well, sure, stuff happens.

Although, I remember buying CDs from back in the 90s. You paid with a credit card, got the stuff sent across the planet, no problem.
If I walk into a store and buy a spanner, I pay my money and walk out with a product, no problem.

Seems like many years later (even if we assume there has been only minimal system evolution), if I place a simple order and money is transferred, I should at least receive an order number or some response other than a vague error message.

Not put off, just not impressed, and relaying my fiverr experience.

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It does happen, patience is the key here… Whatever you were buying will also take time for delivery… Customer Support + Patience is the only solution.

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You’ll need to submit a REQUEST to them:

Bad advice. Never submit multiple tickets on the same issue, or it can be seen as spamming, and Customer Support might block you.

Customer Support usually takes 24-48 hours to respond. If it looks like it’s taking them far more than that to respond, it’s fine to ask for an update on the same ticket.