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First time cancel a job ! Why?

Hello it’s a bad experience for the first time . A gentleman placed a order without messages . And I showed him several concepts and he liked them it’s about to deliver final file . I did but sunndenly he act like he is too busy and he find unwanted error in design constantly. There i deliver more then 5 time and to safe my side extend delivery time because he didn’t reply but accept time extend request.Finally according to his feedback i delivered file but he request one more time but no issues. It’s almost 40 days.and he suggested me to cancel . I did and he accept within a sec. More things to say but it will be a book for 40 days experience I get nothing but cancel :blush:.


I don’t know much yet as I am a new fiverr member, but this person may have been either really busy or he trolled you? Yeah I just checked that you are a logo designer. I am also starting as one. Gratz on all the orders you’ve completed by the way. No way a logo design on Fiverr would go to 40 days. He may have been just trying to waste your time. I won’t judge him, but thats what it seems like. Dont fell bad. There are always these odd customers and you can only just look forward. All you can do is learn how to deal with them again and not feel bad about these stuff. The wrong was not on your side. Good luck. May we all become bigger successes in the future.


Hi Nice to hear from you Even Though i am ok but your inspiration push me forward .
Yeah its a part of our job and also i respect his busyness.But we are human not robot . We have time value also.Anyway Thank You once again for the courage .

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No problem. I am glad you are ok. I have a friend who has a very rough past trying to move forward. Just knowing that you can easily move forward on your own is enough for me. Good luck my friend. May success be with you.

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Thank you very much @markzhngster

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