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First time Fiverr Buyer not going well and would appreciate Help

My first experience with Fiverr has been very difficult so would appreciate some help.

The first seller was horrible and ended up cancelling the order but did receive an immediate refund.

The second seller is great and designed my gig quickly and professionally. However, because of the first experience I did not immediately place an order with him I contacted him via the conversation post.

Everything was discussed through the post and now it is time to pay and that is presenting the biggest problem.

He keeps telling me to select the “Deliver” button but I don’t see any options to select for payment via the post.

I told him to send me an invoice and now I am getting warnings from Fiverr that I violated rules against offering direct payment to a seller. What the heck are they talking about? I never tried to pay him outside of Fiverr and if they are monitoring conversations clearly they could see we were struggling with the payment and instead of offering assistance all I get are warning emails and notices. Not very pleased with my first Fiverr experience seems customer service is disengaged and lazy.

How do I pay this seller so he delivers my files as promised?

I said I would pay him more than the $5 so don’t want to select that and he does not know how to invoice me.

Is there a way to contact customer service via phone or email?

Also, what is the rule as to who owns the rights to the images.

Appreciate your input


Hi Kelby. I am sorry for your first bad experience here, but I am sure there are more good seller than bad one. Yes making payments outside fiverr is against the TOS and they warred you because thats what they do. I am sure you didnt try to break any rules but you just needed help.

So, sellers on Fiverr can`t sent invoices. The only method to order is to buy the service through the gig. If you have to pay more than $5 you can order multiple gigs or order extra options on the bottom of the description if this options are available.

Hope this helped you. Have a nice day.

@kelbymoore The warnings you received were automatically triggered when you used certain words in your message to the seller (such as “payment” “credit card” “money”). They aren’t personal, and a real person isn’t aware that you are having problems.

You are having difficulties because you haven’t actually ordered anything yet. You talked to a seller, who nicely went ahead and made what you wanted, and now wants to be paid. Then the seller will send you the files with the product you’ve bought. You need to go the gig page showing what it is you’ve bought, click the green “Order Now” button. If the seller is a Level 1, 2 or Top Seller (not likely, since he doesn’t know how to advise you), then you can click multiples of the basic $5 cost of the basic gig (it shows as a drop-down box below the green “Order” button). If the seller is a new seller with no levels, you will have to order his gig one at a time until you reach the price you negotiated with the seller. Example: you have agreed to pay $15.00 for something, so you order his gig 3 times. On your Shopping page (link is on the top bar of any Fiverr page) you will see all your orders listed, whether you buy 1 or 20. When you signed up with Fiverr you have to indicate a method of payment. If you have a Paypal account, the amount of your order will be removed from your Paypal.

If you are using a credit card there are some minor differences. Fiverr creates the “invoice” (not the seller) and this will create an order on your shopping page, send the order to the seller and Fiverr will send you an email receipt.

In either case, the next step is now the seller’s. He must “deliver” the order to you, including the files with the finished work. After you get your product and are satisfied, click “complete” on the order or orders on your shopping page and leave feedback for the sellers.

Here is more information about placing an order on Fiverr:

Customer support is not available by phone. You have to create a CS account and file a ticket/complaint with them. Link to CS is on every page, near the bottom.