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First time Fiverr user - Good deal or rip off ? SQL Code - Complex or Easy

Hey all, Just new to using Fiverr… getting a logo done and come SQL code which is out of my ability (i know very little) anyway im trying to get a feel for how complex this following code is… I paid $30 for it ($50NZD) as it was described as being difficult. I know how to do similar in excel but no feel for how hard this is to do in SQL… I thought based on many of the gig descriptions this could have been done for around the $5 mark (this could just be me having the wrong impression)

CREATE TABLE tipresults(meeting_id INT(11),race_id INT(11),race_entry_id INT(11),scratched INT(11),
finish position INT(11),win price DECIMAL(6,2), place price DECIMAL(6,2),date DATE,meeting INT(6),
race SMALLINT(6),picktype TEXT,selection SMALLINT(6),Specials TEXT );

INSERT INTO tipresults
SELECT meeting_id,re.race_id,re.race_entry_id,re.scr AS scratched,re.rank AS final position,win AS win price,
plc AS place price,date,meeting,race,Pick Type,selection,specials FROM (
SELECT rank,re.race_entry_id,re.scr,re.race_id,race,meeting_id,selection,date,meeting,re.number,Pick Type,specials FROM
(SELECT re.race_entry_id,re.scr,re.race_id,race,meeting_id,selection,date,meeting,re.number,Pick Type,specials
SELECT race_entry_id,scr,re.race_id,race,meeting_id,selection,date,meeting,re.number,Pick Type,specials
SELECT race_id,race,r.meeting_id,selection,date,meeting,number,Pick Type,specials FROM
(SELECT race,meeting_id,selection,,meeting,Pick Type,specials FROM racingtips rt LEFT JOIN meetings m ON
rt.meeting=m.number AND A
LEFT JOIN races r ON
r.number=A.race AND r.meeting_id=A.meeting_id) A
LEFT JOIN race_entries re
ON re.race_id=A.race_id AND A.selection=re.number) A
LEFT JOIN race_entries re
ON re.race_entry_id=A.race_entry_id) A
LEFT JOIN race_entries re ON
re.race_entry_id=A.race_entry_id) A
LEFT JOIN race_entries re ON
re.race_entry_id=A.race_entry_id ;

Does the code do what you want it to do?

Hey Ryan, yes it seems to be working well after a couple of revisions (that was well done and communication was fine)

If you are still having issues w/ your MySQL - I recommend either Osszian ( or Srssatya ( I have had EXTREMELY good work from both (Osszian was great - but when went on vacation over the holidays, I needed something done fast and Srssatya handled it for me)

I have used fiverr for a lot of diff little things… and turned peeps on to it too
I’m on here because i am a small (micro) business - and while i NEED to have things done from time to time - do not always have the funds in my budget to do them. I come to fiverr to obtain them at a price i can afford.

I am sooo thankful for fiverr for making this possible!

Then it was worth it!

Sounds like a good deal. I know from my brothers (and my own, but not in coding) work here that the majority price, eg. huge job for $5 that many offer is usually the rip off.