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First time here on forum guide me to get my First order

Start working at home some one told me to work on fiverr i start work but don’t know how to get my first order anyone give tip or guide me
Thank all link

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Since you posted this in the category of “Improve My Gig.” You can post a link to a gig or your profile, and other Forum users may comment on how you can improve.

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edit link in post and thank you for suggestion

Welcome to Adorable minimalist and modern logo design GIG.

Welcome should be capitalized and you should have a period at the end of the sentence.

Unlimited Revisions Do not offer unlimited revisions. You are setting yourself up for trouble if you do. Many sellers who offer unlimited revisions come to the Forum with awful stories of endless revising and buyers who ask for revisions that are really a whole new logo. Then the buyer steals your work. Set a limited amount of revisions.

We will create ORIGINAL LOGO designs with unmatched creativity and outstanding delivery time. We craft our work with ideas that standout with pleasant contrast and color balance.

This part of your gig description was copied from here:

Fiver could take you whole gig down because of Copywrite infringement. (you even copied their spelling errors! :wink:) It would be best to reword this sentence.

In addition you hve many errors in punctuation, spelling and capitalization. It would be best for you to find a free app to help you fix those errors.

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Spend time on social media,Build your account then play with your audience :joy: It’s such a long process, try to active on fiverr, Recreate your gig again if you didn’t receive any order

I already apply all this method thank you

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yes you are right in starting of my fiverr i don’t know how to write description that’s why some sentence i copy

There are 83,865 gigs for logo design on Fiverr today. 65,409 of them are new sellers. It is the gig category with the most competition. You need to make your gig stand out. Think about how you are going to do that. Standing out is your biggest challenge. You must have something to catch the eye of the seller because most of the other 65,408 gigs offer a cost of $5 - $10.

This thread may help you.