First time I earned $100 within 3 days


Well, Really hard work always pays off and today I believed. After a long time, I am feeling amused because after the one year I earned this amount.


Wow! So, you earned $100 within 3 days?
Would be glad to know the prices of the orders you did in these 3 days… :grin:


hahahahaha, Sir, you are an amazing person and already started working on those mistakes that you told me yesterday. Thanks once again.


Wow. What you gonna do with this amount?


The first and foremost, I will give 50% to the homeless person and 50% will do a party with my friends.:blush:


Great. So where party is going to held ?And who is homeless person, any of your friend?


Wow :fearful:

how can you do that !? :disappointed:


So lucky I have been here for quite a time and only earned $5


Your recent delivery is 5 hours ago and 2nd last is 4 days ago.,Have you done single order of worth 100 ?


Don’t let hope lost, you ll get soon,best of luck.


Yes if you see one of my gig and its worth $100.


That’s really great. Congrats :+1:


You will get too sir !!!


Thank youu It means alot


100$ gig, wow! Nice job.


Yep, eventually I got it, I have been a member in Fiveer since January 2016 so first time I have got it and also got 5 reviews.