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First time I got tip ($12) & I am happy


Hi, I am a Graphic Designer & I am from Bangladesh. First time I got $12 tip for my work. She was so happy for my design & left a 5-star review with tip. Happy Freelancing. Thanks, Fiverr & Forumtip


Great News. Best of Luck.


best luck my friend , keep working on it


Keep going
Congratulations to you


Keep working best of luck


congratulations on this great success:+1:


musfakur Thanks a lot


emrlanka Thanks a lot


md_israfil Thank you


Thank you


Hello, that is great news. I have also been tiped some times and the feeling is amazing. Some buyers are really kind here in Fiverr. Keep up the good work

Maria S.


mariasereti yeah you are right & after a time those buyers become fixed buyer.


Great News. Best of Luck.


congratulations bro:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


congratulations :grinning:


Congrats keep it up :+1:very happy for you…