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First time I have received spam message

Hi everyone, 15 minutes ago, I have received a msg that is marked as spam alert, so please help me what should i do ? Even i don’t open that message yet. Is it harmful to my account or should i delete that message from inbox? Please help!!

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If it’s automatically marked as spam by Fiverr, according to Fiverr there’s no need to do anything and it won’t affect your response rate. Some messages might get flagged as spam but which aren’t.

Even though messages automatically flagged as spam say they won’t affect your response rate, they might actually do so it might be better to unmark it as spam, reply to it (eg. saying that you can’t do what is being asked), then (if it is spam) re-mark it as spam. Doing that will make sure it won’t affect the response rate and so you won’t need to contact CS if your response rate did drop because of it.


ok, thank you so much @uk1000

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