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First Time I Ordered Something And Haven't Gotten Anything

10 days ago I tried Fiverr because I needed a website built and did not have the time to do it myself. I spent $174. The person made a demo site and sent me a link. To see the link though I had to accept it. Then it said order complete? I have no clue that was finishing the order. I wrote the person back about what I wanted changed on the demo site. 5 days pass and I had no response. I wrote him again asking when I was going to get the website. He responded with the order was automatically completed but not to worry he would still work with me. I asked him to just give me the website (he has to upload it to my host) and I would just fix it all myself. That was 4 days ago and I have gotten nothing. I wrote customer support just now as well as wrote the person about the website and asked when was this going to be completed since it was supposed to be 15 hours and now it is 10 days. I am afraid I have lost my money.


Don’t worry my friend, Fiverr will check all the issues and if the seller is not able to complete your job then you will get refund. If you have any more queries feel free to ask. Thanks

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Thank you! I was really worried since I might have messed something up or didn’t click the right thing. Good to know they will sort it out.

Don’t complete an order if it isn’t done. If you don’t hear from the buyer tell CS to cancel it.

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Fiverr is great they will sort and refund. thank you to staying with the community

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