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First time I thought of a Forum member when writing an article

I am writing a series of articles on Japanese coffee and food culture, and I just kept thinking about @zeus777 :grinning: Too bad I can’t show these articles to her, client confidentiality and all that.


There is this Japanese candy that I have a craving for, can’t remember what it’s called, I just remember what it taste like. :yum:

I can’t even look it up because I don’t know the name of it. :disappointed_relieved:


One of my sisters was stationed in Japan for a while. She sent home some of their unique candy, and I’ve gotta say, some of that was VERY unique – moreso than American candy. :wink:


I’ve tried candy from various parts of the country. I like German, Italian and Japanese candy the most!

Yummy, yummy, I’m getting hungry. Can anyone say German chocolate? :grin:

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if you can describe what it looks like, maybe I can help you out! :wink:


Awwweee, now I want to read the article! :laughing:
Well, I’m not sure if I’d be of any help but if you have any questions about my country, feel free to ask!


LOL…I wrote about the Doutor coffee shops, how they are still popular and how Japanese Starbucks Baristas are not as talkative as those in the US…one of the most enjoyable articles I have written :slight_smile:


Maybe Pocky? Or CalorieMate? Those are really popular Japanese snacks.

Yeah, it’s a cultural difference. We just don’t talk to strangers, and if the barista starts chatting, that would be seen as "wasting the customer’s time."
If the store isn’t busy, I guess it’s OK.

Having that said though, recently I get the feeling the Starbucks staff near my office are really trying to have a small talk with the customers. I’ve been going to that store for 10 years, I’m pretty sure of this.
Other Starbucks, I don’t know.
Dotour? Nope, they take your order, and move on. No chit-chat!!

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When I was little there was a store in a neighboring town with various Asian gifts and foods. It was mostly statues and tea sets as far as I recall, though it was a really long time ago! I don’t know where the candy came from, but there were these little boxes of candy sold as novelties and they were a kind of gummy square wrapped in a clear “film” made of rice.

They had signs up that you should prank your friends because you could eat the wrappers since they looked like plastic/cellophane but were really rice. It seems to me that really didn’t taste that good but I loved them because I thought it was hilarious to eat wrappers. I always wanted to buy as many boxes as my mother would let me. I haven’t thought of that in a long time!


I remember ACTUALLY doing something like this back when I was a kid – back in elementary school. This was back when schools still used chalk boards (and didn’t have white erase boards and all of these nifty techy gizmos).

Our teacher, would always remind us that we weren’t supposed to eat the chalk (this was in 4th or 5th grade, so I’m not entirely sure why he felt the need to tell us this). One day, as a prank, one of the other students handed out candy “chalk” (or, at the very least, candy that looked like pieces of chalk). He also swapped out some of the actual pieces of chalk for the candy. A group of us were asked to go up to the board and write math equations with the chalk. We did so… and then, when the teacher was checking our work (on the board), we started eating the candy chalk.

We just about gave the guy a heart attack!

Those were good times. Good times indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean these guys? :wink:


Omg, that’s it!!! Memories… light the corners of my mind… :notes: :candy: