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First time in Fiverr

I am new here in fiverr. I don’t know how it works. How can I get order? I create a gig first time. here is the link

Is everything ok in my gig? or need to change something?

Someone please help me :frowning:

Your gig is fine but your response rate is 1 week+ !! Try to improve and answer messages as soon as possible.

Use buyer section daily, read threads on forum.

You can creat good portfolio you can get lots of work.

absolutely right. you need to improve your portfolio and write title and description fully seo optimized :slight_smile:

How can I advertise my gig? To get an order what need to do?

Read “Tips for seller” category

Reply to @noushadonattu: Thank you man :slight_smile:

Reply to @webexpert1313: Thanks for your comment. Can you show me some example please :slight_smile:

Reply to @ilovenish: Thanks for your comment. What is the buyer section? Where is it?

Reply to @mohammadalamin: Click on your username>sales>Buyer Requests

Reply to @ilovenish: No requests found.
Note: Its my first gig and I created this yesterday.

Reply to @webexpert1313: Thanks again :slight_smile: