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First Time On Fiverr

Take a look at my gig if you can please. How can I improve it and get that elusive first customer?

You’re in a very competitive category. You may want to try to differentiate your gig title a bit to initially try for a niche market. An example would be adding “Southern American Male” or something like that. You could also do a video that leans towards whatever niche you pick. You have a nice voice, so I’m sure you’ll do fine in the long run.

I took a peek at your gig, and it looks excellent!

I think your only problem is that you’re very new to Fiverr, and you may not be showing up in the early results when a buyer does a search.

None of us know how to crack Fiverr’s algorithm, so just be patient and I promise with that talent, you will be getting orders left and right to the point you will need to gargle salt water every morning to heal a sore throat you will be earning yourself.

Good luck :slight_smile:

  • Baddison

You might want to consider increasing the word count just to get you started. Maybe offer 200 words for $5 until you get a couple of reviews. Also check the buyer requests daily and start sending offers there. You might be able to pick up some gigs here and there. Think about setting up additional gigs. Since you have experience working in radio, maybe you want to set up a gig for podcast intro, or maybe radio sweeper or what about DJ Drops? Just some ideas. Best of luck :wink: