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First time purchase - experience of a newby


As a newby buyer to Fiverr I have to say I haven’t found the experience very good or useful and I find myself both out of pocket and very annoyed by the vendor.

My key points are this:

  1. If you offer revisions as part of a package actually follow the buyer’s comments.
  2. Only close the gig once the buyer is happy and
  3. Deliver the item you’re actually offering with the gig.

Now this may be my inexperience of using this service and therefore I may be doing something wrong but surely a vendor cannot mark the job as closed and the product delivered without the purchaser saying so?

Unimpressed and probably unlikely to purchase services through here again.


Seller delivers the order, and the buyer can request a revision if the seller didn’t deliver as specified in the gig description, or if some tweaks are needed (and the seller offers revisions). If the buyer does nothing for 3 days after the seller delivered the order, the order automatically gets marked as complete.

If you’re asking whether the seller can mark the order as complete (not delivered; complete), the answer is no. Either the buyer marks it as complete (and rates it), or, if the buyer does nothing for 3 days after delivery, the order gets automatically marked as complete. The latter is because some buyers simply vanish after placing the order, and, since the seller only gets paid 14 days after the order was marked as complete, it would mean that sellers with vanishing buyers would never get paid for their work.

If you need a better idea about how Fiverr works, it’s best to read the Terms of Service (it’s not some boring legal writing in small prints, it’s the rules and how stuff works around here):


Thanks for that. All evidence to the contrary as far as I am concerned. This vendor somehow marked it as closed without the updates requested being completed, without me receiving what I thought I was paying for, and without any recourse or redress it seems to me.


Did you reject his delivery & ask for a revision, or just messaged him about it?

The only way the order could have been marked as complete is if he delivered your order and you did not click to accept/ask for a revision. If you don’t choose one of the two options, the order is marked automatically as complete by Fiverr after 3 days.

You can contact customer support and I’m sure they will explain the situation better.


As a seller I can guarantee you that we have no way to mark an order complete. We do have to deliver something. The Fiverr software isn’t really geared up to negotiation on revisions or acceptance without delivery.

As others have said, the buyer accepts the delivery, or rejects it and asks for revisions. If you do neither in 3 days, the Fiverr software automatically completes the order. If you asked for updates in a message instead of through the revision button, the 3 day to completion countdown will have run from the first delivery.