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First Time Purchasing on Fiverr


So I purchased a logo on fiverr. I got the premium package which also included an add on to have the seller sign the rights of the product to me. The seller has delivered the product, however they are just jpeg images when the seller promised vector images. I have yet to “confirm and accept” the delivered product. I have never bought on here before, so does this mean once I hit “accept” I will be able to receive the vector images? Also tried contacting the seller about signing the rights but no response. I have 3 days before its marked auto completed. Please let me know I need help!


If the seller promised vector images then you shouldn’t hit accept until you get them.


Ok thank you. I hope the seller responds. Its been about 12 hours and I just feel pressured by the 3 day count down.


Confirm and accept is saying that you approve the product that you can see (the JPEG) and normally the vector file is not delivered until after you accept. Fiverr has an automatic watermark and limitation on delivered images. You might want to message the seller and make sure this is what is happening, but if so, it is fine to accept it.

The only reason not to do so is if the seller tells you they will not deliver the vector files even though you paid for them, and then you can use the Resolution Center to dispute the order. It doesn’t really sounds like that is what is happening, though.


This is probably not correct.


My bad then :slight_smile: