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First-time seller can't create a gig?

Hi, folks!

I’ve just set up my account and am going through the process of creating my first gig. However, when I get to the Personal Info page, the green “Continue” button at the bottom doesn’t work. I’ve filled out all the required info, so that’s not the problem. I’ve also tried two browsers (Firefox + Chrome), including clearing the browser caches and logging out/logging in. No dice. Am I missing something here?

I tried to contact Fiverr help and support directly, but I get an error when I try to submit my request (“action failed; please try again”), so I’m not sure how else I can figure out what’s going on.

Thanks to the collective for your help!


Have you entered at least 150 characters in the description field of the Personal Info page and filled in all fields marked by an asterisk?


There is a work limit and video provided!
plz check Followings, There will be no problem:)


There’s this help page that shows the 150 character minimum:

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Ah, the character count was it! I only had 118 characters in that section. Added a few more, and I’m good. There was no indication anywhere on that page that you needed at least 150 characters, though–is that stated somewhere else? I’m also not sure why I’m unable to contact customer service directly. Seems like that’s a pretty big bug! Unless I’m missing something there, too…? Anyhow, thanks for your help!

And now I see that video you linked–thanks for that, too! It’d be excellent if they put a note about that on the actual page where you’re entering the info, though. We newbies need all the help we can get! :wink:


It should have been below the description box. It shows that in the video linked above. Maybe it’s currently different than in the video they show though. If they’ve changed it so it doesn’t show that anymore they should change it back so people know.

edit: For the support thing not working - it should work. Maybe it was a server issue/bit too busy. I’d try again with that and it will probably work later (I’d try again after refreshing the page with Ctrl F5 first and using Chrome might be more likely to work. Also make sure you’re accepting any necessary cookies for it and have Javascript enabled - but it might have just needed retrying a bit later). If it still doesn’t work you can always email support at support@fiverr . com.