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First time seller trying to get my video approved

I am pulling out my hair with this! Fiverr is SO unclear about what they want in your videos for your gigs!

First of all they have this video size limit of 50MB. Which is huge! I send in my first attempt at the video for my gig. Oops when the video exported from my video software the audio was out of sync. Video denied. Ok no problem. I jump back into the editor and fix that audio. Re-submit. Video denied. This time it’s too long.

Wait a minute, my video is only 1:36 long… I have been a fiverr buyer for a long time and I know I’ve seen lots of videos way longer than 2 minutes on people’s gigs. So I search all over Fiverr for some kind of video uploading guidelines and I can’t really find anything that clearly says how long the video should be. Search the Forums. Found some forum posts and blog articles on the topic. Most of them say you should keep your video under 30 seconds! Some older posts said under a minute. Wow. To be safe I decide I’ll cut it down to 30 seconds.

OK so back to the drawing board, no way I can edit the original video down that far, going to have to make a new one. So I do that and YES under 30 seconds and I said everything I wanted to say: Introduced myself, said hello to Fiverr shoppers in the beginning of the video, described the gig, and said “Only on” at the end. I thought the new video turned out nice…

Video denied… WHAT NOW???

Their response:

“You should introduce yourself on camera [Totally did that] and elaborate about the service you provide directly to your buyers [did that too albeit I thought I only had 30 seconds for the whole thing]. Your video is a sales tool that helps you build credibility and convince your buyer face-to-face that you are the one for the job [NO KIDDING THAT’S WHY I AM TRYING TO UPLOAD THE DANG THING]. Keep your video to the point and not more than 1 minute long.” …

So I could’ve gone a minute! I had a whole minute to work with! But wait, it WAS under a minute.

I’m going to try one more time but I’ve re-submitted two videos now, and the email says that after three attempts Fiverr has the right to shut down the option to upload video!

I am brand new to selling on this site (been a buyer for a long time) but if I want to reach out to Fiverr about the issue it seems there’s nowhere to do that but the Forums.

Here is the youtube link to my 30 second video. Can anyone give me some advice about what I might be missing here?

I am going to remake the thing… again. Hopefully they like it this time and I’m hoping I get some advice on this post before I send in the next attempt from some of you great seasoned sellers on this forum. Thanks in advance.