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First time selling my art

after how many months of multi tasking school and digital art practice, i finally decide to sell my first art XD

ps: i know my art is not appealing enough but im doing my best XD first order are highly appreciated start at 5$

my gig link


Welcome to fiverr forum . Good wishes .

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If you believe that your art is “not appealing enough”, why are you selling it?

I know starving artists are tortured souls - but you have to get some confidence and believe in what you are doing if you expect to be successful. Putting out in the universe that your work is not appealing will only manifest that that is true, when, perhaps it is not!



You are absolutely right.

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thankyou for the concern, i really appreciated it, maybe the problem is in me, ive been introvert ever since my highschool days- i always hide my arts cos i dont want others to see it (exept my closest friends)… because i know when they see it, they will say “its good” when clearly its not, they just wants me to feel motivated… which is not helping in my situation.

as a newbie artist i starve for proper guidance not a compliment… and when i started digital art, i found a good artist friend- she gives me some tips and guides, she also points out my lacking skills… and after 6-7months of practice for the first time she complimented my work and that gives me a little push on getting out my comfort zone, she then said that i should start accepting commision and recommended me this fiverr…

and thats the reason a starving artist trying to sell his “not appealing enough” art. tho i should really stop this habit and start being confidence on my art