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First time submitted 10 Buyer Requests just now!


:wink: Today i’m very happy to share with you That
i never , ever submitted the Buyer Requests and it my first time that at once i submitted 10 requests .


You will get good results
Do it daily
best wishes

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Congrats with best of luck…

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I think this is the chance for fiverr’s seller to get more orders where in others freelancing website you can just send proposal few proposal per month.(without upgrading plan):rage: . and here we can bid 10 offers per day :grinning: .Really a biggest opportunity for us.And you are doing well . Hope you will get more and more orders from the buyer requests.

Best of luck.


Good job. Best of luck for future.

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Congrats. Let us know please if any of these 10 offers got approved.

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Many Many Congratulations
Wish you best of luck

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Keep it up and wish you all the best.

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