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First time this happened


Hi friends
First, please excuse me if this has been discussed a million times already–I can’t remember + I still can’t figure out how to use the new forum.

I’m sure most sellers have dealt with the situation I’m about to write about, but this is the first time for me. So I’m already grateful to know that I have you guys and gals here.

I replied to a buyer request which some of you might have also seen:
“Need a creative shapes with smart ideas from your hand. I want a photo or drawing of anything and everything of U shaped. please note no need copy from google i want a real shapes."

He attached 10 photos as samples (person holding up a piece of paper with the letter U , U etched in the sand on a beach, etc.)

I asked him what the visuals were for, and he said there is a contest, and he can submit as many visuals as he wants.

He asked that I create two visuals for a $5 gig, within 3 days. Then right away
asked: “Can you let me what is your idea?”
I answered: “The idea is the main part of the work.”

He placed the order.

I over delivered: one visual of one theme + the 2nd theme with six different photos for him to keep and choose from + delivered within 2 hours.

Right away, he requested a revision, saying: “I don’t like the grass photo. Can you change it?” I replied that I have another visual of paper clips. He said he would like that one.

So I redelivered: sent him the third new image and the following message:
"Hi (…)
No problem - I’m happy to send you a third theme of the paper clips.

Please keep in mind that what you are purchasing is:

  1. An original creative idea
  2. Time spent on creating the idea.
  3. The visual.

You can see that there is no limit to how many ideas there are + time spent on creating them.
So for this $5 gig, I have sent you two themes + seven photographs, and I’m happy to send you a third idea with one photograph.

This is the most I can offer included in this one gig.

We should have clarified expectations and limits before I began working… :slight_smile:

Attached is the 8th photograph. If you would like to order additional gigs for me to do further work, let me know and I’ll be happy to do it

Now he has requested another revision, with the message:
“every one can make it !!!
that is not creative”

So, I don’t know if he’s either trying to get as many images as possible for $5, or otherwise he is not able to understand how buying and selling creative ideas works.

It seems to me that if I say no more free work, he will leave a bad review. I do believe the last message I sent him couldn’t have been clearer. What does a seller do in this situation?
I do have 75 reviews, and all are 5-star, so I wouldn’t care about one bad review. However, for this specific gig, I only have 2 reviews (5-stars), and obviously, a bad review out of three is not good.

Also, I can’t figure out what the new TOS are about being able to remove reviews, etc. If I cancel the order, the buyer will not be able to leave a review—yes?

Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you so much!
Hugs, May


Hi May! :slight_smile:
In short Fiver now allows creative differences on “Creative” design works, such as graphics, video etc. Meaning, the client has the option to leave a review based on whether they LIKE it or not.

Yes, terrible I know.

Another to the point resolution for you, yes, ‘Cancellation’ is the only option to avoid a negative feedback. Because feedback policy has changed.

Please review the 2017 status of Feedback Review modification:


I’d say just take the bad review, I checked your profile and you already have many good reviews to make up for that. If you don’t want to take the risk, refund him right at this moment because due to the new system, after he leaves a bad review refund won’t take it away.

I had a buyer threatened to cancel a $5 gig after 4 days because, well, it’s been 4 days and I should have given him something. The deadline is 7 days. Before that he also said something like “once I see the output we’ll decide what to do.” but I thought it was just bad communication. Now I realized he actually planned on asking for the moon (aka endless revisions) for $5. So I just canceled the gig for him.


I though Fiverr officially doesn’t allow clients to leave a bad review as long as the gig is delivered as described?

By “officially” I mean that’s in the TOS, how they actually deal with it could be different, but on paper they say you can’t give 1* just because you don’t like the result.

Maybe I should check the TOS again.


You should…


I agree with you on ToS, DJ, but I’ve noticed that buyers are getting away with fewer cancels after the recent policy changes. To a new user with few reviews, I’d suggest cancellation since the buyer might leave a poor review and persuade Fiverr to refund.

For a seller with enough reviews to absorb a lowered review, though I would advise refusing to cancel based on both delivered work and revision attempts. I think Fiverr CS might favor the seller. It’s a gamble either way. :slight_smile:

  1. Thanks

  2. Update on situation

  3. Now that it’s over, my thoughts turn philosophical

  4. Thank you for your replies and advice @djgodknows, @miacmht, @fonthaunt.

  5. I ended up sending him a mutual cancellation request, because based on his replies + the content of the message I wrote him (attached to the revision) + how I phrased it–this guy is just impossible to deal with.

Also, I have no gig that is specifically for what he wanted, so I sent him the custom offer under a new gig I have. Since this gig has only two reviews so far, it’s not the time for it to get a bad 3rd review. (If I had sent him the offer attached to a different gig that has 20 - 30 5 star reviews, that would be a different situation).

He just agreed to cancel. And now really hoping he doesn’t create a new account so that I don’t do free work for the same guy again.

  1. 81 orders, and I’ve never had this kind of problem with any buyers before. My roommate is very superstitious and has all kinds of rituals for everything. I’m sure she has a candle which you burn to keep away bad clients. hahahahha. I don’t believe in that stuff, but if she has a candle, and since I already have a lighter . . . why not? (I’ll light the candle on behalf of all of you too cuz I like you.)

Besides that, I’m thinking science now. The law of attraction is based on science and not religious rituals. I keep forgetting to do this, but now writing this reminds me that thought attracts thought. So now let’s think about clients who are fair, reasonable, nice, gracious, intelligent, emotionally intelligent and respectful. Those clients we’re attracting to us now. :slight_smile:

Thanks again kangaroos and giraffes.
Hugs! May :couple_with_heart:


Good luck with it! I will take candles on my behalf anytime! Incense, prayers, good vibes, anything positive. :slight_smile:
I also accept cash, gold, good vodka and saffron.


You handled it very professionally. I hear burning sage removes bad aura.


@silberma1976 Thank you. In case it happens to keep bad clients away, I’m up for burning sage or any other shrub of the mint family :herb: :sweat_smile: but I want to save the mint I have for my tea later.

Whatever works for each of us–let’s do it :key:

I’m going to look through my inbox and choose a few wonderful people who have ordered from me, and think about them (not them specifically, but of their characteristics + the great experiences I had with them). Law of attraction works for me. :microscope:

thanks :panda_face: for your support --oh how grateful I am to know that there are nice and intelligent people here.


Good call on the mutual cancel, that’s what I would have done. sucks to take the hit and lose your time, but just think of it happening once in a while, and a sacrifice for freelancing. I know buyer requests are a great way to gain traction and build sales, but just be uber careful and transparent about what $5 will get them since no one seems to read things carefully haha.
Perhaps in your custom offers make a simple footnote as it can be difficult to use fiverr’s pre-populated fields for custom extras: ‘SUMMARY, PLEASE READ: This $5 order will provide you with 2 visual concepts, and in the event you are not satisfied, ONE revision request. Further revisions and changes to your design will require an additional order to be made’.

Just an idea–that way it will be clearer in the buyer’s mind that they would be overstepping and risk losing YOU if they were to ASK for further revisions.

then of course, some buyer’s are just evil and downright shady… not much can be done about that.


@fonthaunt Well the only thing I have is not on your ‘also accepting’ list. It’s Wheelbarrows overflowing with diamonds.
But it wasn’t on your list, so all you get is this emoji :gem:

Moral of the story: be specific when u wish for something :slight_smile:


@mae_creativity Ha, I like the emoji just fine. Wheelbarrows are very useful things and i do have one. It has no diamonds in it currently. I could put my wedding ring in there and then I can give myself a wheelbarrow of diamond. :slight_smile: You hang onto your diamonds, you might need them if there is a zombie apocalypse or if you just need to scratch some glass. :scream:


@leahemme Thanks so much for that suggestion. I never got an order like this one, so it didn’t occur to me to clarify anything about revisions while me and him discussed the order while messaging, or in the offer itself. The idea of revisions didn’t even occur to me.

The reason it didn’t occur to me is because the only info he gave me about what he wanted, was: “visuals of the letter U in creative shapes.”

I would have had no problem making even 5 revisions of one visual, if he asked for an actual revision [make the U wider / place the U made of (whatever) on a pillow instead of a desk].

But he thought I would just keep coming up with new ideas, creating them, photographing them, sending them to him, and he could just say, ‘No. Another!’

I have no complaints though. I posted here because I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. But for this specific gig, it doesn’t bother me that I spent time on something I didn’t get paid for,
because I had fun making the art :art: and photography. :camera:

And I definitely won’t forget the lesson learnt here for next time (@leahemme what you summarized in your reply).
:hearts: May.


…but wait, there’s more!

Buyers can write feedback on cancelled gigs as well. It is not seen on your public profile but Fiverr CS will be able to see it.

But the recent change is positive. You get paid, in exchange for bearing the bad review instead of refunding them to have the review removed. It’s much much better now. Less gaming from both sides.


all the best,do if you want so have a nice order


Buyers can leave a private review for a mutually cancelled order before deadline?? Does everyone agree with silkroute?


Silkroute is right, they can.


Yes it’s a new hidden feedback system in which the buyer gets to rate his experience.


Looks like Fiverr is cracking down on sellers who provide a poor experience?

I’ve seen 2-3 posts recently where a seller had his gig suspended or received a warning straight from Fiverr CS about sales that went south.

Again, I’m all up for weeding out nasty sellers and frauds, but Fiverr should:

A) officially inform sellers when they roll out a tool like that (or any tool for that matter)
B) they should make sure there are protective mechanisms in place against people finding creative ways to game the system.

Like I could purchase a $5 from a competitor, leave a default 5-star review upon delivery, then use the hidden feedback tool to complain about something to raise a flag?