First time trying to purchase something here and the experience is just urgh


So apparently people offer things they can’t even do. I wanted to purchase 2 tutorials. I had already earlier in the year purchase the same tutorials from the official website at 35$ a total of 30 tutorials and the assets files. Then I lost 2 of the files while reinstalling my os. I tried to remember the email I used to pay with but I couldn’t. So I offered to buy only 2 of the tuts for 10$ because I felt that would be fair. I post a request and am amazed at first at the reply’s… “Hi dear I cn du it” I ain’t no one’s dear. Funny thing is that all 33 replys are from the same place… After contacting almost all of them, I realize that I was better of talking to a stone. The English is so poor. One of them wanted me to pay twice the price. Out of 30 tutorials all priced at 35$, isn’t paying someone 10$ for only 2 fair enough? I already tried contacting the original seller but they already closed their account 6 months ago. I wish the experience could have gone better, but am better off remaining a seller.


I absolutely understand you.
I’ve just written my last experience as a buyer in Fiverr, and I will say I will not buy here anymore.
It became an endless waste of time.
I’ve tried contacting the seller first, they want A LOT of money even when they don’t even have reviews to back them up.
I’ve tried placing the order directly, and I’ve found myself that after 2/3 hours of dealing with utopic prices, I’ve even got a cancellation request. And the work not done?
Because his work offered $5 to vector a logo and delivery within 24h.
After placing the order he wants to cancel or add a “small” amount of $70 more?!?


I didn’t realize buyer have that much of a hard time until I tried buying. Maybe it’s the reason why some buyers steer away form fiverr. Some seller’s don’t read requests they just paste a generic response even when they know they can’t do the task. When I tried to notify one of the people who sent one of the offers that if they keep doing what they are doing they will be reported to cs. He actually thought I was threatening him.


Amen to that!!!

And then they come to the forums to rant about why there is less and less Buyer Request!


So it means buying on fiverr is even tough as compared to selling.


Yes, if not harder. I thought the process was, click, order, receive results. Turns out it can become rocket science


I also made my first purchase recently. As it happens, a logo vectorization. Went like this:

For $5. Am I super happy? Eh, no. But it was service as advertised (I didn’t order expert typography services and my source image was really tiny) and I am happy to have the file. Also, @wuerz123 your logo? Outside of this platform and in the “first world”, 70-ish sounds alright for a hand-made vector of that type of image (seen it in the other thread).


Actually I’ve ended doing it myself.
The reason for me to buy here is because of lack of time. I’ve just started with my normal job, and I have less time for things like that… not that I cannot do it though, but well…
We had this conversation also in another thread, here is the logo, and the answer I’ve got


… funny thing is that for $75 he will just “give a try” … not even sure if he can do it


click, order, receive results. I wish I had the same experience :disappointed:


Well, like you said, its just your first time. Its unfortunate that it didn’t work well. There are amazing sellers here, same way we have amateurs. One bad apple on a tree doesn’t make the whole tree useless.
You just need to be extra careful with whom you entrust your projects.
Good luck!


Yep, there are definitely issues with the amount of absolutely rubbish sellers here. For new buyers it can be a horrible path of trial and error but the big problem is when new buyers begin with a large purchase and it goes pear shaped.
Starting with small orders and building from there is the way to go.

The good news for sellers is that just being REASONABLY competent will result in the opportunity to do well here. Sure, it takes some time and effort to get going but anything worthwhile does. Taking 5 mins to send a reply to each relevant Buyer Request will almost guarantee you some work. Having a well set up profile and gigs will guarantee you some work. Being responsive and polite will guarantee you get work. It isn’t rocket science but does take effort.

PS. For tutorials, I would imagine Fiverr is a rough place. Surely many of the sellers offering these things are reselling pirated materials.


I didn’t think it was piracy since I had already bought the original files but misplaced the email where the download link was sent. The site where I had bought them was closed down sometime back. So I thought that if someone had a copy of the tutorial they could sell me the missing files


Not sure about the legality - I think it is fine from your end as you had paid for them already, just from the seller’s side I would be hesitant.


Awesome is spelled incorrectly on that logo. First thing I noticed. I don’t know if it was your error or the seller’s?


Hi, it’s written in a dialect of North Carolina


Okay, well that makes more sense.


In N. Carolina they changed the spelling of awesome?


That’s the logo they’ve sent to me to use in a series of posters and flyers.
I’ve also asked why there was a letter missing.
They told me is written in a dialect from there.
There=North Carolina


I see. It does not make sense but if that’s what they want…