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FIrst time user-Negative experience

This is my first time using this service and it was a horrible experience. I spent more time haggling with sellers than anything. Never got my project done. I needed a java assignment done (which I had 75% completed already) and no one stuck to their advertised price. My assignment was not that complex. Every reply from a seller was “tell me the max you could pay me” or some outrageous price far beyond their advertised price. I will NEVER use this service again as long as conduct like that is acceptable!

Well, it is hard to make people write Java for 5 bucks… You should always contact the seller before buying a gig, in order to:

  1. make sure he is available;
  2. see if he is willing or capable of doing the job;
  3. negotiate the final price for the project;

    Don’t hit the order button out of the blue. It’s not good for anyone.

    I hope my advice will help you get better experience here on, because it is truly an amazing place :). Both for sellers and buyers.