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First time user - where is the video I ordered?

I have no idea what to do.
I have never used Fiver before and just received my first order of a video made
where do i find my video
how do i play it
do i need to accept the delivery in order to watch the video. if so, can i still request revisions? I do not know what to do

Did you purchase a video from a seller on Fiverr? Did you get a notification saying that your order was ready?

If you got a notification, it would have this at the top:

To the right of the delivery message, it should show a downloadable file like this:



nope. i can’t download the video because there is a bug on the sellers end, apparently. the video will not appear on my screen at all

nope. there is no downloadable file at all. my seller says there is a bug on her end that will not allow the video to show

it says order will be complete in three days. what if it takes that long to fix this bug? i will lose out on time to request revisions if any are necessary

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Ask the seller to send the file via Drop Box. There is no excuse for the seller not delivering what you ordered, and then saying, “oh, well, there’s a “bug”, I can’t deliver the file.” MAKE the seller deliver what you ordered. That is your legal right in that buyer-seller contract.

And contact Customer Support so that they can investigate this alleged “bug”.


I am having a bug , when i upload the video and it gets completed then suddenly everything stops

that is the message i received from the seller
are bugs common in videos?

The only time bugs are common is if the video is very long or something. (Not really a bug, just a technical limitation.) You need to press the request modification button to be sure the order doesn’t auto-complete. As jonbaas said, tell the seller to put the video in Dropbox and send you a download link. If they don’t do so immediately I would notify Customer Support.

Create a Support ticket here.


Perhaps the video file is too large to upload. This is why Drop Box (or an allowed platform similar to it) might be helpful. Upload “bugs” would not be a problem with an approved file-sharing option.

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The video is supposed to be just 60 seconds long, but if there are lots of graphics, music and other things in the video then i can see how that might happen.

I don’t have a DropBox account but have Google Drive. Would that work?

I have experienced upload issues in the past.
I would also suggest a delivery via Dropbox link or Wetransfer.
Your seller can also try a different browser.


You don’t need a Dropbox account, only the seller needs one and they should have one as a video seller. They’ll just be able to give you a link. I prefer Dropbox because I know it’s safe, but another cloud option is all right as long as it doesn’t require the exchange of personal info, email or anything like that.

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Let’s suppose the seller does have a dropbox account for a moment…

does the seller then send me a link to the video to play it? the other question is, if it is shared through dropbox and I like the final version, am i still able to download it to my computer and share it through social media platforms, even though i don’t have a dropbox account?

Yes, the seller will send you a url. You click on it and it will open the DP file. There is a little download symbol (arrow) which allows you to download the video file onto your computer.
Same with Wetransfer.


I just find it very strange that a computer science grad in university can’t reply for an hour because they are figuring out how to fix a bug

Does the seller have a lot of reviews or could they be new?

9 reviews. 5 stars overall rating

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That is still pretty new, so they may not have run into a problem like this before. I wouldn’t assume it’s deliberate yet, but if they don’t get you something within a few hours, you really should bring Support into it.

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here is what bothers me…there is a 12 hour time difference between the seller and myself. this morning at 7 a.m. my time, said it was uploading, then i come home from volunteering all day around 4 p.m. and i had to send a message again tonight to ask where the video was. if somebody paid me to make something and i couldn’t deliver, i would be in communication with them a lot more…

I understand. If the seller is not a native English speaker, they may be having trouble with communication. However, it is possible it’s deliberate, so that’s why I’d say that you should hit the request modification button to stall the clock and contact Support if you don’t get something soon. They can sort it out for you, but forum users can only give you advice.

oh? requesting modification will stop the delivery clock?
that’s a great idea

i will do that right now