First time using Fiverr and I was not happy


I hired someone to create a blog website for me. I am new to this so the website I had on Wordpress have several post with pictures , general concept. I paid a seller $100 dollars to create my website and all he did was tell me to purchase a domain , he rushed me into picking a theme without fully explaining what I was looking at. He kept telling me this theme is $60 dollars and I’m thinking if I’m paying you then why are you mentioning s price for what your fees include. Lastly he had seven days to do my website however literally 24 hours before it was due he was rushing me to provide him with information. When everything was said and done really all he did was add a theme to my website and I have since had to figure everything out from changing the whole website around to fit my needs , changing colors etc. Oh and when I asked him to revise something for me he told me he would have to charge me an extra $5. In my opinion it should have been free seeing as how he did not do anything but provide me with a theme. He told me he understood if I didn’t have the money , how unprofessional is that . I just hired someone to do a logo for me so I am hoping this is not the same disaster


Without knowing all the details, it is difficult to know whether this was a misunderstanding or if the seller has under delivered. When it comes to purchasing here, the key point that customer service will ask is: Did the seller provide what was described in the gig description/agreed points?

If the answer is no then you should create a support ticket and clearly outline where the seller failed to deliver what was promised. Point out parts of the conversation, include screenshots etc. The more straight forward and clear you make it the more chance there is of CS ruling in your favor.

To perhaps explain a little regarding fees, out of the $100, the seller receives $80. If he was paying for the theme at $60, this leaves the seller with $20 to cover anything else he did. I suggest you make sure you have the license for the theme too as in my opinion it does not make sense for a seller to buy the theme. My concern would be that it is an unlicensed version.
Of course, if you get a cancellation then you do not have the right to use anything the seller gave you, including the theme.


If you are unsatisfied from the service delivered to you please report this situation to the Fiverr’s support.


Please stop giving these advices. There are situations where reporting to Support is indeed the right thing to do; however, there are times where it is not.

I believe the buyer and seller should work to a resolution through communication. It could very well be, as Eoin has stated, a misunderstanding. Would you want your clients to contact CS every time they are “unsatisfied” as you stated when it could be some minor adjustment? Wouldn’t you rather they requested a modification?


Isn’t this a place where I can voice my opinion on my experience. I feel like I am being chastised for my opinion. So since I cannot do that here , who do I need to speak with besides the seller to resolve my issue , as I have already spoken with the seller and we did not come to a resolution.


Yes, by all means feel free to voice your opinion and frustration as well.

I believe in trying to work with sellers, but as I stated above, if that fails to get results then by all means contact customer support.

Give support detailed information of what happened with screen captures of your conversation with seller. It could take up to 3 days for them to respond. It may not always be in the buyers favor but if you have all the pertinent facts on your side, it would be a plus.

Best of luck to you.


To be honest I was just going to take the loss , however it was mentioned in the below comment to request the license for my theme. I asked him for it and he told me that he paid for it and I would have to buy my own theme for an additional $60. If that is the case , I am confused as to what I paid $100 for because per my order he was to build a website for me etc and all he provided was a theme that I have extensively put work into the last two weeks. I reached out to customer service and will see what they say. I mean if all I was paying for was a theme then why doesn’t the order description say this is just for the cost of a theme and no other services are offered. I would rather request a full refund , he can take back his theme and I start all over then unfortunately.

I am just trying to understand all of this, this is my first time and I heard great things about Fiverr but this experience was not great and I normally don’t make a big deal out of things and I wasn’t about this hence why I am just now venting about.


Unfortunately, as with any freelance platforms there is no hard requirements for entry. Some claim to be a professional, when they have zero experience other than something they read online telling them how easy it was.

Don’t believe all the credentials on the profiles until you’ve worked with them.

I understand your desire to move on and take your loss, I’ve done the same before. My loss was smaller than yours but I’ve had a few.

My best advice to you is this: Buy yourself a small $5 or $10 illustration or some other fun gig. You can have some fun while getting savvier on using this site.

As many gigs as I’ve purchased, I still make mistakes. Just 2 days ago, I hired a newbie who I thought would do a great job. He already had an order in queue which was a good sign. It looks like that customer and I will both get the “Failed to Deliver” cancellation. I haven’t had one of those since I first started.

Maybe my skills at picking newbies is a bit rusty! :laughing:

Best, Gina


The feedback from people that have used a seller is a great place to start, especially with a bigger job like this. If my buyer isn’t sure then I agree on a $5 gig to see if they like my style. There are some great sellers on fiverr and some that are not so great. Don’t be put off - it’s a great platform for talent.


Fiverr is indeed a great platform, however since there are no strict rules of entry, some, let’s just say unprofessional sellers might get through, in your case it seems to me this sellers is trying to milk as much money as possible from you, as gina and others said it is best to resolve the issue with the seller and even telling him/her if resolution is not reached you will have to take it with the CS, because the whole thing might be misunderstanding. You also have the option of giving feedback where it could hurt the seller if they do not deliver what you asked for. Don’t let one bad experience ruin your chances to find great and professional service providers, there are too many excellent sellers in Fiverr, and also there are bad ones who are here for easy money and result to fraud, just have certain criterias when choosing a seller and be careful, clearly state your requirements, set rules, deadlines and clearly ask if the seller can provide the service exactly as you request and within the set timeframe and budget.

Best of luck…


I hired someone to create a blog website for me. [quote=“chantiy20, post:1, topic:115362”]
all he did was add a theme to my website

It sounds like there was not nearly enough communication between both of you about exactly what he was supposed to do.

It comes down to this: Did he do what his gig description said he would do?


Lol , yeah I do understand that , sometimes it is trial and error. Do you have any suggestions should I need to hire someone again to build a website for me?


People in this thread will be able to give you some good advice only if you copy and paste the text of the gig you have purchased.

It’s not really clear what the seller was supposed to do, of what you asked him to do.

Proofs, @chantiy20, we need proofs :slight_smile:


Below is a picture of what I paid for. What I received was a theme , with a travel website posted on it and I was told I would need to go in and change everything to make it mine. What I expected at minimum was that my name was on there the menu list and a few other items I asked for would be added as well. I did not expect much. When I received the product I had to figure out how to do everything in it to make the site presentable and what it is now. Like I said below I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it until a few days ago he wanted to up charge me bc I asked him to tell me how to add something and he explained that is not a part of unlimited revisions. I wasn’t even looking for him to do the work I just wanted to know how so I could do it myself. He told me he understood if I did not have the money to pay for it and to hire him at another time. Not to mention now I am concerned that he provided me with a theme that I do not have the license to use , he will not provide me with that information and requested I pay an additional $60 for it. So I’m really not sure why I paid $100. But please read the below order request anyone , and tell me what your expectations would be if you paid for this service.


According to what you posted that you paid for, he did not customize it for you.

I hope you told him that he needed to do that as he promised.

Unlimited revisions also were promised and you did not get them, unless you didn’t tell him what you wanted.

I see nothing in that which promised a license for a theme although that should have been included.

I assume you told him everything you told us here. If you did tell him all this and he refused then you can tell all this to customer support and ask for a refund, as he did not deliver what was promised.


As @misscrystal says, the gig description does not seem to match what you have described.
In case you are unsure, the biggest and most key parts of this job would be Design customization and Content Upload for 5 pages.

As it does not mention a theme, I suspect you will have to buy that separately.
The Design customization should have been done based on colors, layout etc that you specified.
The Content uploaded should have been provided by you from the start, or at least as soon as requested by the seller. The content would include, text, images, video, the menu titles etc all of which should be clearly marked for the seller.

If you did not provide the above instructions or content, your case for a refund is a bit weaker as the seller can only work with what you give them. For someone who does this as a job, there is less than a day’s work in this which is probably why the seller only began communicating towards the end. It would be more professional for a seller to ensure they have everything they need earlier but not something you could cancel for.


I am in no means looking for a perfect site but oh well , I guess now my issue is I may have to get this site redone should I request a refund. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and assistance.


@chantiy20 what’s the name of the theme? If it’s GPL licensed, there is nothing you should worry about.


I understand and I provided him with my Wordpress website which had my content and pictures. I explained I do not have a logo and I specified what I was looking for and gave him an example of what I was looking for. I mean this is obviously a collaborative effort , he never said he did not understand or I can’t do that etc. Lastly anything he said I needed for example he advised that I did not have a domain , ok so I went and purchased that. I do not design websites etc for a living this process is new to me however I would assume that if I am hiring you for a job , you will review what I have provided and express what is needed or not needed to do the job. Like I said i was not going to make a big deal about it as I ended up figuring out how to turn the website into what I needed , but it wasn’t until I asked him a question on how to do create a comment page on the site , that I was told it would cost extra. It’s not about the money , my issue is your advertising unlimited revisions. The definition of a revision is an update or improvement etc. I didn’t even ask him to do it I asked him to tell me and I will do it . Lastly I did not know I needed a license for the theme he provided until I posted on this forum and someone mentioned I should check. He will not give me the license for it as he said he paid for it himself , so to me if you did not do any work on my website except give me a theme then what did I pay $100 for. I just want a blog website that is functional and that is my own. I wasn’t looking for a lot of pages etc. my website request by no means was difficult or required a lot of work like I said I just started the site. What I at minimum expected was the name of my site at the top, a menu bar with what I specified , an area to contact me , and the a few pages where I could post content. None of that was done at all.


@alexbulat the theme is Soledad