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First time using fiverr and need help

Hi I ordered from someone and I got what i ordered but it was stuff i didnt see on the preview and i asked them if they could fix it, and it been now 6 days and i dont have access to any of what i payed for, and they are not responding. I hit confirm order cuz it looked good i noticed the issue after i seen it like in big scale. Is it away I can get money back or some?


It is a grey area especially if you already approved an order.

You can contact support and ask what would e the best course of action in this case and CS will decide what’s appropriate in this situation after reviewing your order


Thank you I will do that :slight_smile:

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Your can contact fiverr custom support they can help you.

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You mentioned that the service provided was good and you need just a few fixes. I’d recommend writing to CS first and try to reach out to the seller.

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Ehm how do I contact support writing to the CS?

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Here is the link for Customer Support: