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First time using Fiverr, might need help!

Hello my name is Justin, and I am trying to offer many services of mine I have such as, Writing, Reading, Advertising, Testing Products, and much more. I just joined today and I am very confused on what to do as it won’t let me finish my profile and such, but I would love to get my services out there. I also write about blogs and even more. I am really wanting to get my name out there as this is something I believe would be a good future for me if anyone could help me out.

I think i cannot share the youtube link so Just google. How to set up a gig on fiverr and i think you will find something good :slight_smile:

To be honest. I never had asked anyone ever to help me set up a gig. It is very easy and in very Clear words that anyone can use it. Only thing is if you want to do this or you have a habit to do something by holding some one’s finger.

You should visit multiple articles on google,this forum can provide you with a lot of answers that will definitely decrease your confusions.
Visit multiple gigs and forum. I used to do this when I was new here :slight_smile:
Don’t worry,it’s not complicated at all