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First Time Using Fivver

Ok, so I tried to use Fiverr for the first time this last week. I needed my Squeeze page to ‘pop’. I needed color,

a better layout, etc. I had the picture of the free e-book the wording, the header, and subtitle all completed, as well as my links. All I needed was the layout changed around and some color. I waited for 5 days. During that time, I had to re-send

what I wanted, explain all over again, then re-send again, just to find out today that it was too difficult and she was requesting a refund for me. So, I don’t know if this goes in suggestions or not, but if a seller doesn’t understand or not experienced to complete a project, why can’t there be some kind of rule or for the seller to just admit they either don’t want the job or they don’t know how to complete it? My project is on hold right now because I don’t know if I should risk trying to get somebody else from Fiverr or what. I want to start advertising, but not with hoe the page looks.

I think you should try again. However, you need to make sure you research the sellers. Look at all their photos, read all their reviews, and then send them an email before you order the gig just to make sure they know how to communicate properly.

Not everyone is like that. Most people do not like to admit when they are wrong or do not know how to do something.

How did you find that first seller? Were they a Levl 1 or Level 2 seller or a new seller? Search for a seller and look at some of the high rating sellers maybe.

I always wonder when I read about this happening if people read the seller’s feedback, saw their samples, saw their rating, communicated with them first, and made sure the seller was reliable before ordering.

On the cancellation page there is such a option:)

Reply to @misscrystal: I wonder the same thing