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First timer user. Order auto completed before delivery. What to do?


I placed an order for a PCB design, I received a delivery on time but it was incorrect (didn’t follow the circuit diagram). I asked for a revision, the seller agreed. Received a message on the 30th saying he would delivery the final design tomorrow unfortunately the order auto completed a couple of hours after his message. What do I do next?


You should’ve requested a revision through the system (not just sending a message)

Now I think is the best thing is to reach out to your seller and ask them about the update.
I believe that they are still not late on their promise?

And if seller doesn’t reply for 2-3 days then reach out to Customer support


Thank you for the reply.

I did click the revision needed button which gave an extra 3 days but that was on the 27th. Then I didn’t check (busy at work) so the order auto completed on the 30th.

I don’t want to penalize the seller, they have confirmed they will do the revision and also sent a message saying it will be ready tomorrow. I will wait for the seller to contact me and see what happens.

Then that wasn’t a revision button :wink:

With a revision order can’t be autocompleted
(And 3 days is a standard time when orders are getting autocompleted if revision wasn’t requested)

However if your seller is in touch with you then there is no point to panic as for now, they still most likely will deliver your order


guess I need to read the manual…

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Hi @martync, Welcome to Fiverr Community.

You can still request the revision even after the order is auto complete. I had several such orders in the past which had revision after auto complete.

You can’t actually revision again to this seller, after complete order you can just rate this seller experience. so, contact your seller and ask him to complete his task…

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thanks for the tips. I have no reason to doubt the seller I was just surprised it closed itself. I will wait for the seller to respond.

Send the seller a message.

If they don’t respond, customer services.

@martync hey! message your seller to complete your revisions as you discussed about the revision before completion of order he should respond you and then complete your order :slight_smile: