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First TOS Warning

Please I’m scared after receiving my first Terms of Service violation warning on Fiverr. I never bargained for this.

I tried to create a new gig to write book reviews and I got a warning that I was trying to offer a service not allowed on the marketplace.

My worry is that others are offering the same service.

I used the long-tail keyword ‘write a book review’. Others are offering the same gig with different title descriptions.

Why is my own different?

Could it be that the service is not allowed but others beat the system using a different wording that include all the keywords?

Did I use an exact match keyword not allowed on Fiverr?

Thank you.

Edited: Attached screenshot

What do you say? Should I create the same gig again (with different wordings) or should I forget about it?

The reason is probably because in 2015 about 1000 Fiverr reviewers got sued by Amazon for creating product reviews alleged to be fake, so Fiverr probably doesn’t want to risk paid product reviews that might not be unbiased so probably has not allowed any paid reviews now.

Though technically I don’t think Fiverr lists in the terms of service that creating review gigs are not allowed. If it can get a terms of service warning it should really list there that they are not allowed if that’s the case. You could mention to them that it’s not listed there. It does list things like fraud not being allowed but if you were (or were going to) write honest, unbiased reviews there’s nothing written in the TOS that says that’s not allowed. If it’s against the terms of service of some other site (such as Amazon) that could also be a reason for it not to be allowed, but really that’s only if you were doing it so it could be put on that other site (eg. if you had written in the gig description that it could be for that other site).

It could be others have not been found yet by Fiverr. It might also depend on the wording of the gig. eg. if it’s being done just to help an author make sure their story is okay it should be okay. eg. “beta read your story/novel”, some might also have the word “review” in it and it might be okay (though maybe it’s risky) but it’s when it’s a paid review to be put on a site like Amazon as a review of the product that the issue would be.

So - was your gig to create reviews that could be put on places like Amazon or were you reviewing/checking a writer’s work to make sure there were no issues with it (and it wasn’t meant to be displayed on some site)? If it was the latter I assume that should be okay and maybe the wording of the gig was wrong ie. not clear enough to Fiverr that it wasn’t the former.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed as something unethical/dishonest. You won’t be reading every book to form an honest opinion, will you?

Fiverr has probably started with not allowing new gigs like this to cover their bases legally. As for other people offering the service, it takes time to catch them all and it doesn’t appear to be the first priority.

Also, if you were doing something and just got a red pop up telling you not to do something which disappeared as soon as you stopped doing the thing, I don’t think it’s the big bad “ToS warning”. It’s a reminder that won’t harm your account too much. Unless the warning was delivered in some other way.

If you continue trying to push it to “game the system”, it may lead to more serious penalties, though.

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Thank you.

I was just trying to write a book review after reading it, something that could be published on book review websites.

I’m not doing it as a product review on e-commerce websites like Amazon in order to sway readers.

Thank you.

I’ve emailed them so I can get a clearer picture of the whole thing.

But what about reviewing books that would be published on book review websites (which was actually what I was trying to do?

But that’s specifically the unethical thing that got fiverr and its sellers in trouble in the past unless I don’t understand your question. If you haven’t read the book, you shouldn’t be reviewing it, period.

If you were given the full access to the book that’s another matter entirely, that’d be journalism and I’d too be interested to find out what CS thinks about it.


Some of those book review gigs actually offer analysis/evaluation, and in some cases, the review will be sent to the buyer to use as a promotional material, not posted on Amazon or something like that.

And some are, of course, simply breaking the rules, and haven’t been caught yet.


Why would I even review a book without reading it?

I actually want to review a book after having full access to it. I even made it a mandatory requirement for the prospective buyer of the gig to upload the book to be reviewed.

I’m a journalist and an English language teacher and wanted to do something differently to stand out from the crowd. I’ve got the skills.

I’m awaiting a reply from the CS.

Wow! I’m really bothered because I never expected it would constitute a TOS violation.

I was even looking at a graver offence.

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Quick $, I’d assume. Get yourself a synopsis and a table of contents, concoct something up, get paid. It’s the answer to your hypothetical question, I’m not suggesting that’s your approach.

It’s good that you maintain your standards but unfortunately, it’s not the case for everyone. Hence, the sweeping measures that were taken. “Review” seems to be a major trigger word for fiverr these days regardless of context or specifics.


I see you offer an essay writing gig and also share several details as to how you may be contacted off Fiverr.

Both of these are against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Suggest you carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.


That’s another interesting angle.

So I should delete the essay gig?

I never intended asking buyers to contact me off Fiverr, either implicitly or explicitly.

I’ll review those things and do the needful.

But could you please send me a screenshot of where I included information so I could be contacted off Fiverr?

Thank you.

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I’m speechless. This is really an eye-opener.

Thank you.

Both in your profile and in your gig descriptions you mention the name of your blog and the title of the book you wrote and are selling on Amazon. With either one of those, it would be very easy to find you and contact you outside of Fiverr.



Let me go and remove them ASAP.