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First two weeks, 2 Orders completed with 5.0 stars with $10 tip

congratulations, the beginning is the hardest part. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How exciting! Congrats and keep up the hard work!

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Thank you very much

Thank you for your support. Wish you good luck.

:grin: :grin: Thank You Zainab

Same to you sir. May you earn more. :innocent:

Thank you Maria. Same to you.

Thank you

Yeah Indeed it is. Thank you

Thank You Melissa.

Thank You

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What matters to you in getting the first job. In light of your experience, it is helpful to say something. Thanks

Thank you very much.
I did what most of newbies do. First of all, I made sure my gig look as professional as it can get.
second is staying online. I stay online almost 19 to 20 hours so my gig stays active most of the time.
3rd is when sending offers to buyers request, I make sure that my tone is polite and i am to the point not wandering like yeah piece of cake etc etc. i ask the buyer maximum questions relating gig to make the buyer think i am a professional not someone goofing arround for extra cash.

Third and most important is communication. I communicate with any potential buyer the best and polite way possible and make them stick to the chat. The more they chat the better the chances they will buy your gig. most of the time they leave and thats ok. I learn from my previous chats and it helps me communicate better.
ask them about the job, Their requirments, what kind of results they want, are they willing to pay more for better work, how much time do they have. I listen all the demands and reply accordingly.

thats some of the points i have learned in my two weeks experience. BTW i got one more order today. :innocent: :innocent:

Happy earning.


Congratulation keep it up. Always do better and better.


I never offered them to you ! :smile: Neither would I. Take out frustrations somewhere out of your professional life :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m still trying for my first gig

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Dont worry. You will eventually get your first job. Hope for the best.

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Keep it up.

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Thank You Madiha. Same to you.

Good Job…! Nice work…Keep doing this…

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wow. good luck. keep trying.


Thank You, Mukesh. Same to You

Thank you, Zakir.

I registered yesterday. And Buyer Requests does not show at all when I search. Is it a bug or its temporary block? Because there must be some requests. )))

congratulations to all who get offers!

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Welcome to fiverr. Sometimes it takes one or 2 days for buyer Requests to show up. Dont worry it will start eventually.