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First use sucks


Bought my first gig. Just starting a business, money is tight. I ordered a gig EXACTLY as described. Fiverr canceled the gig and suspended the provider. I can’t get my money back, only can leave it in my BUY account.
AND I still need to pay the transaction fee.


No transaction fee when you use your credit balance.

Any new purchases must be at or less than the credit.

There have been cases where 5r customer support will refund your money to credit card if you contact them - no guarantee they will do that. I don’t know if they refund the transaction fee or not as I’ve never done that.

I am not a seller but a frequent buyer for my own freelance business. I am a part time author and blogger. May I ask what type of business you are starting up?


Marketing Automation. I’m a Sharpspring Agency partner. It’s a CRM, Emailer (better than CC or mailchimp), buying behavior tracking through pages visits and engagement. Powerful sales tool.

Yeah, I get it. Store credit only. How does one contact Fiverr?


Here you go . . .

Customer Support


Thanks, I found it below the scroll too.